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New research shows humans may have a life span of 150 years

life span of 150 years

Life Span

A Singapore-based biotech company, Gero’s recent research about the rate of recovery of a human body after some amount of stress has been put on it, be it diseases, accidents, etc, shows that with increase in age the rate of recovery slows down altogether. 

According to this new analysis performed by the researchers, it states that after a certain point in life the human body loses all resilience and will be unable to recover from any amount of stress. That certain point in the human life, as claimed by these researchers is between the ages of 120-150 years, at which point the human body will have lost all ability to recover. 

These conclusions were reached by studying and analysing different health data of large groups from the US, UK and Russia.  

They analysed blood cell counts and step counts which showed that the recovery time of an individual increased as their ages did, when they were subjected to different stress factors. 

Co-founder and CEO of Gero, Peter Fedichev said, “Aging in human exhibits universal features common to complex systems operating on the brink of disintegration.” 

While there have been earlier studies which have shown that treatment of age-related ailments and diseases could only improve the average life span to an extent, these researchers hold out hope that these studies may pave the way towards not just maximising life span but also providing it with a better quality of life. 

Looking at these findings, a Harvard Medical School professor of genetics, David Sinclair said, “The investigation shows that recovery rate is an important signature of ageing that can guide the development of drugs to slow the process and extend health span”. 

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