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Zoe Bedford | ZPB Healthcare Communications

“Starting up a business is easy but staying with it and growing it is far harder,” states Zoe Bedford,

Lovekins | Amanda Essery

The skin-barrier function continues to develop throughout at least the first year of life following birth, even in

InterLeukin Innovations | Laila Marquez

In a hospital setting, health providers rely on suppliers to deliver medical supplies quickly and with prompt responses

Susan Russell | Chief Nursing Officer

The nursing profession is both ancient and respected. Its history predates the development of human civilization. The work

Sian Collier-Jones | Chief Nursing Officer

A strong advocate for nurse empowerment and actively involved on platforms locally, regionally, and globally, Siân Collier-Jones has

Michelle Wallace | Chief Nursing Officer

Imagine an elderly patient undergoing treatment in a healthcare setting who has no nearby family and struggles with

Misti Foust-Cofield | Chief Nursing Officer | Reid Health

Success in every field depends on leadership. Great leaders combine inspiration, communication, insight, and direction to bring about

Lisa Jones

The era of the twenty-first century has redefined the idea of “world peace.” Despite being in the midst

Louise Hampton | Owner

Inspired by the cause to help people by providing the I best possible care to patients through an

Addis Alemayehu

Dr. Addis Alemayehu | St. Peter’s TB Specialized Hospital | A Dynamic Leader Bridging Empathy and Healthcare!

Infinant Health | Kaile Zagger | CEO

Human milk comprises a wide spectrum of biologically active bacteria, such as—B.infantis EVC001, that aid the gut in

BiomCare | Louise Bruun Thingholm | CEO

Today, science and technology are expediting the process of understanding human evolution for researchers. As a step toward