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Worst of COVID-19 Pandemic Could Be Over By 2022 – WHO



The World Health Organization-WHO’s head of emergency, Dr. Michael Ryan, in his recent statement, expressed the hope that the worst of the pandemic could be over by 2022.

In a World Economic Forum discussion, Dr. Ryan stated that “the worst scenarios of hospitalizations, deaths, and lockdowns could get over if the vaccines and medicines imbalance is addressed throughout the world.”

Addressing the panel discussion on vaccine inequity, Dr. Ryan said that “We may never end the COVID-19 virus because such viruses end up becoming the part of the ecosystem, but we have a chance to end the public health emergency this year if we do the things that we’ve been talking about.”

Dr. Ryan expressed concerns over vaccine imbalance between rich and developing nations stating that “if the vaccine and the other tools are not shared properly with less privileged nations, the virus will continue being harmful to the entire world.”



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