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Arm patch COVID-19 vaccine is launched for trials

COVID-19 vaccine

COVID-19 vaccine

On Wednesday, January 19, Swiss medical researchers said that they have launched an early-stage study to test a next-generation COVID-19 vaccine candidate which could be administrated via an arm patch.

This would be an alternative to the method of giving vaccines via injection. It will be administrated via micro-needles in the patch that are less than one millimeter deep that they hope will provide long-term immunity from COVID-19 with doses of seasonal booster. The patch will be pressed against the skin briefly and then removed.

The new PepGNP-COVID-19 vaccine candidate focus on T-cells, which are responsible for cellular immunity, to eliminate cells infected by the virus and prevent it from replicating. The researchers started vaccinating 26 volunteers and plan to give them two doses each – a base dose and a stronger one. The volunteers will be under observation for the next six months.



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