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75Health by Kaaspro Enterprises: Reforming the Medical Record Management Setting

Kumar Subramanianm | Kaaspro Enterprises | Insights Care

Over the last three decades, medical institutions have encouraged the shift towards computerization to help manage patient information. EMR and EHR have played a major role in ensuring the retrieval of documentation systems within hospitals and medical institutions. The present medical record management setting in the medical industry is based on the digital mode provided through the effective EMR and EHR Solutions.

Understanding this utmost importance of EMR, Kumar Subramaniam, envisioned Kaaspro Enterprises, a futuristic organization destined to make the world more communicative and easier to access through web apps. Having opened itself as a modest company in Chennai’s OMR district, the organization has grown over the past 5 years into a more productive and aggressive team of individuals who are committed to quality, research, and development of the web application framework involving Electronic Health Record Software systems.

75Health, Kaaspro’s EMR Software platform, provides a simplified and intelligent system that enables doctors to manage patients’ medical information securely and accurately. Being a cloud-based system, it offers easy and quick sharing of critical information among different medical professionals. In line with the contemporary standards and governmental mandates, this health information technology fulfills all statutory needs and adheres to the current reimbursement model and additionally offers HIPAA compliance. Thus, 75Health EMR Software increases patient safety, enhances physician efficiency and productivity, and increases practice revenue.

An Innovative Leader

Kaaspro’s Founder and CEO, Kumar Subramaniam is an alumnus of the prestigious P.S.G.Institute of Technology and has nearly three decades of industry experience. 75Health is the brainchild of Kumar. He conceptualized the innovative EMR Software with the objective of digitalizing crucial medical records and empowering medical practices to achieve the best care delivery.

Kumar has always used technology as the means to improve the quality of business processes and enhance people’s life. When he had to accompany his wife who was undergoing medical treatment, he had to carry a lot of medical records and charts. It was during this moment that he had the idea about creating an easy and secure way of managing patient medical information. This led to the creation of one of the most useful health information systems, the 75Health EMR Software.

Kumar has played a major role in guiding 75health to reach great heights. He has not only been instrumental in the massive success of the company but had also led it with reputation and goodwill. He has gained expertise about the nuances of Information Technology and an understanding of the EHR platform from his rich domain experience. It is his high leadership capability that has enabled 75health to accomplish great success. It is because of the insights he has passed on regarding management, that the company has been facilitated to align all its processes and projects in line with its business strategy. To make 75health the global leader in Electronic Health Records Software Service is his primary vision and this is being worked on effectively.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

It has been a long journey for Kaaspro, understanding the needs of the industry and creating the perfect software that not only satiates unique needs of the medical professionals, but also offers a precise and convenient means to manage crucial health information. They had to consider the unique needs of different types of medical practices and various specialists. Patient safety and other such crucial factors needed to be taken into account too. 75Health EMR Software is their initial offering to the world of health information technology. Further, they have plans to proceed with more such health information software ventures that will help the community in as many ways as possible. Among digital solutions that are being offered by different vendors, 75Health EMR Software stands out because of its simple yet effective solutions. Moreover, they have ensured that users find it convenient and are provided with continuous support throughout the process.

Revolutionary Strategies to Maintain Security

75health make use of the most modern technologies to ensure that sensitive personal data is handled with utmost care. Encryption enables secure data transfer; controlled level of access warrants that only authenticated personnel are offered access to information. Individuals’ information security and confidentiality is their primary concern. Crucial information is stored on the cloud, and regular data backup ensures that users never face the hardship of data loss or information leak. As it is common in the software industry, EMRs are also available in a variety of versions from different vendors. “It is our endeavor to ensure easy, secure, and efficient work flow – through which we gain our reputation. Our EMRs are free to use, do not require additional hardware, and clients just need a web browser for accessing the digital medical records,” says Kumar. This makes 75Health, a unique product. Additionally, it is also compatible to all contemporary mobile devices, making it the most sought-after platform.

Distinctive Features of 75Health

75Health is the Electronic Health Record software which is not just about being paperless. It is about inculcating a tradition of simulated and simplified working with intelligent systems that help doctors work efficiently and enhance patient care. Working on a cloud-based technology, it is cost-efficient, fast, and secure. It allows you to create and manage patient records easily and securely. Additionally, practice documents like consent forms, handouts, X-rays, etc. can go paperless. Also group documents can be stored into folders and tagged, which will help in locating them easily, whenever they are needed.

75health’s safe and sound, cloud-based technology lets you access everything you need – appointments, files, documents and more, from anywhere you go with improved workflow efficiency and operational control. Quickly available information like allergies, medications, lab results and problems lists, plus medical, family, and social histories can help manage patient care from anywhere.

Future Endeavors

The latest health information technologies of EMR and EHR provide a secure and user-friendly platform for managing health information most efficiently. This simple, yet effective technology is going to stay and more number of physicians and practices will be making use of the same in future. Kaaspro aims to have a practice management system project in the pipeline that will take shape soon.



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