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Topaz Information Solutions: Integrating Behavioral and Physical Healthcare

Javier Favela | Topaz Information Solutions, LLC | Insights Care

The healthcare system has transformed more quickly than ever from paying for volume to paying for value. Providers have strong incentives to ensure that their patient’s care plans are reinforced and supported outside the clinical setting in people’s homes and communities. To achieve better health of the individuals, providers must be able to connect their patients to social supports and human services while focusing on prevention and wellness in ways that emphasize behavior change. Topaz Information Solutions, in partnership with NextGen Healthcare®, delivers technology solutions to behavioral health and social services organizations pursuing integrated care through the deployment of robust Electronic Health Record, Practice Management, Patient Portal and Mobility Solutions.

Topaz Information Solutions’ was founded in 2000 by two community-based behavioral health organizations, seeking a platform to facilitate communications and clinical interoperability between organizations comprising a patient’s care team. Topaz Information Solutions’ is a national provider of healthcare technology solutions, including EHRs, Practice Management Tools, Population Health, and Data Analytics, and Managed IT Services. The company built to meet Industry National Standards such as Meaningful Use/ MACRA and best practices with an optimized intuitive workflow and navigation, Topaz Information Solutions was created by clinicians to meet behavioral and physical health requirements in a fully integrated healthcare environment.

The Committed Vision behind Topaz Information Solutions

Javier Favela, President and Chief Executive Officer of Topaz Information Solutions, comes from the Health & Human Service industry with sixteen years of experience as a senior executive.  Javier participated as an innovator in creating new service and care delivery programs both organizationally and with the state Medicaid programs for children and adults. Prior to joining the Topaz Information Solutions’ team, he was the Chief Financial and Operating Officer for Jewish Family & Children’s Service, a large Phoenix-based social service agency. He holds experience with medical record software sales and information technology consulting services and also has accounting and executive experience specializing in the nonprofit healthcare industry.

Focusing Towards Cost of Care

Topaz Information Solutions is working towards understanding how behavioral health clinicians, social services providers, and integrated health practitioners work, and to use that knowledge to create healthcare technology solutions tailored for integrated delivery models. Topaz Information Solutions Electronic Health Record solution allows optimizing the organization by streamlining business practices, reducing administrative burdens and improving client care. Recognizing that providers and organizations are moving beyond just the EHR and practice management solution, the focus grew to a point where it started addressing the larger needs of a community by enabling the ability to address the cost of care issues. This is made through a high degree of interoperability with population health management tools as well as exchanging data with payers and with health information exchanges.

Handling and Securing the User Data

Organizations have in place physical and technical safeguards when hosting sensitive patient data, including limited facility access with access controls in place as well as policies governing use and access to workstations, electronic media, and any attempts at transferring, removing, disposing, and re-using electronic media. Topaz Information Solutions utilizes the NextGen Platform for development because of the comprehensive privacy, security, and industry standardized frameworks to protect user data. These security frameworks include multiple levels of security controls such as NIST, PCI, HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules, HITRUST and SOC2. A risk assessment also helps reveal areas where the organization’s protected health information (PHI) could be at risk. Topaz Information Solutions conducts HIPAA security risk assessment yearly to be aware of the assessment process and how it benefits the organization. Inbuilt authentication tools in EHR allow system reviews and access management to protect data. It undergoes data segregation through the use of inbuilt security groups.

Commitment towards Responsive Health Services

Individuals with both chronic conditions and functional limitations requiring long-term services and supports are at highest risk for poor outcomes and high health care expenditures. For these individuals to achieve better health, providers such as community-based organizations (CBOs) must be able to connect their patients to social supports and human services while focusing on prevention and wellness in ways that emphasize behavior change. Topaz Information Solutions collaborates closely with the state regulatory authorities and aligns with Accountable Care and Managed Care Organization to ensure it meets their high degree of data transparency and interoperability for both population health and meeting evolving standards for new prospective payment models. Topaz Information Solutions is an organization that is committed to providing accessible, community-focused, and culturally responsive behavioral health services. This behavioral health organization creates an institutional framework for culturally responsive program delivery, staff development, policies and procedures, and administrative practices.

Investing in a Growing Future

Topaz Information Solutions has grown from a start-up to a robust operation with clients in nine states and 43 employees and has plans to expand even further. Leveraging meta-data repositories with AI to provide a high degree of specificity in the diagnosis and treatment of patient ailments and embedding this guidance into the providers EHR. A simplified experience of the provider through the use of AI/ business intelligence and machine learning could be seen in the coming future.



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