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PatientClick: Connecting People to Process & Technology

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Healthcare institutions across the world are changing from fee-for-service to consumer-driven and business performance organizations. Patients are at the heart of the ecosystem due to cultural shifts driving changing expectations and the rising burden of the costs of care. Healthcare institutions are continually pushing for delivering high-quality patient outcomes and transitioning to optimize value-based care through the use of their innovative Care Coordination and Patient Engagement technology platform and Managed Services. Offering value-based care is at the top of the preference list for healthcare institutions, and Electronic Health Records (EHR) or Electronic Medical Records (EMR) have originated as a pre-eminent part of value-based care which not only improves modern medical practice management but also enhances practice effectiveness and cost savings. EHR-EMR empowers healthcare institutions to have access to accurate and detailed reporting/charts which amplifies the ability to diagnose early, prevent medical errors, and improve patient outcomes – finally delivering superior medical care. Though the majority of healthcare providers are welcoming the evolution of healthcare records and practice management, constraints exist as it correlates to the support and resources required regarding time and capital, as well as, fears over disruption of existing workflow models and operation of individual practices.

San Diego, California based PatientClick, Inc. is leading the way for the next generation of innovative healthcare telemedicine EHR/EMR solutions. Assisting healthcare institutions and professionals in The United States and worldwide to succeed with the highest quality of electronic record management and practice management systems that help deliver better patient care without losing revenue or practice efficiency. PatientClick provides a unified one-stop solution for doctor’s office and medical clinics in the form of integrated live, video-based Telemedicine, EHR/EMR and practice management as one platform; which allows clinics to atomize appointment reminders, payment collection and patient engagement in a proactive care delivery model. The company’s ultra-modern solution, PatientClick, a web-based integrated video-based Telemedicine, EMR and Practice Management system brings efficiency and saves physician’s time while improving patient care and staff efficiency. The next generation technology by PatientClick allows access to a web-based multi-platform (Android, iOs, Windows, MacOS) application, easy-to-navigate interface, customizable dashboards, integrated patient portal, and multi-provider communication tools.

The Maestros behind PatientClick are: Ashish Mehta, CEO who holds the responsibility of the strategic planning process which is crucial for designing the company’s future and Vishal Mehta who is Founder, President, and CIO of PatientClick, Inc.

Ashish is a chemical engineer by training with a Master in Business Administration and has many years of experience in Global Business Development. Previous to PatientClick, he founded multiple businesses in Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing. Ashish has served as an advisory board member, executive and project engineer in various sectors such as healthcare, renewable energy, petrochemicals, information technology and business consulting. He has served as Ambassador for World Trade Center in Cleveland, Ohio. He has received the 2014 Healthcare Champion “Executive of the Year” award from the San Diego Business Journal and he has won several awards for his contribution to the community.

Revolutionary Spectrum of Products and Services

PatientClick, Inc.’s promising new and cutting-edge solutions incorporate guided analytics that enables healthcare provider and health plan organizations to identify areas for improvement. Features include a user-friendly interface that requires little training and provides quick access to target data and point-of-care analytics that enable their clients to take action for successful clinical and quality outcomes.

The company offers medical office automation with the cutting-edge technology solution, focused on improving the healthcare delivery model and enhancing patient care. PatientClick provides a single platform for all clinical and business needs enabling clients to focus more on care. Fully integrated products along with best-in-class services support nearly all aspects of medical practice and save valuable time. Their state-of-the-art features include:

  • Live, Video-based Telemedicine Solutions integrated with EHR/EMR and Practice Management
  • Meaningful Use Stage 1, Stage 2 (2014 Complete), and Stage 3 (2015 Modular) certified products ensuring data confidentiality, ensuring interoperability to share data, and can execute a series of well-defined functions
  • Built-in Healthcare Analytics Tools to access important Clinical and Financial Information
  • Online Physician Registry for Telemedicine Clinical Services
  • Patient Portal for better patient engagement, available via web, iOS and Android apps. Patient can easily request an appointment, look at clinical data and access educational material on the go
  • Automated Patient Reminder system via app notifications, email, text, or auto-voice calls ensures patients are involved in the care process and reduces the number of no-shows for clinics/doctors providing higher efficiency for everyone involved in care
  • PatientClick enables Patient Payment Automation to allow practices to collect co-pay or subscriptions from memberships on a regular basis without any manual intervention
  • Location-based patient, pharmacy, and provider connectivity allow the patient to connect to the provider in closer proximity based on Geo-Location tracking
  • Faster treatment for patients in the shortest time. The iOS/Android apps allows the patient to connect with their provider on a real-time basis and launch a live, real-time face-to-face clinical visit

Ashish says: “We connect people, process, and technology; we bring efficiency to the doctor’s office by automating several different things including patient reminder or collection of payment as-well-as several other clinical parts which are used on a day-to-day basis at clinics. Our products are designed keeping Patient Care and Institutional Efficiency in mind.”

Transcending Healthcare with Telemedicine

American Academy of Family Physicians projected a shortage of close to 150 thousand physicians by 2020. PatientClick, Inc. is trying to fill in the huge gap with the fastest and most cost-effective way through telemedicine. According to Ashish, integrated solutions encompassing telemedicine with EMR and practice management help offices to go beyond the geographical boundaries.

Ashish explains, there are enterprise level solutions available, but sometimes they are not cost-effective, or they may not offer services which are customized to ACOs, Medical Groups, and healthcare institutions. Our primary responsibility is to bring the innovative next-generation tools to doctors’ offices. The other thing offered is part of the exclusive platform where we help physicians registered with PatientClick to provide telemedicine services to other patients in their extra time.

PatientClick, Inc. is poised for phenomenal growth based on the needs of the market and advanced healthcare solutions.



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