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8 Awesome Tips for a Student to Eat Healthy When Ordering Food

Eat Healthy When Ordering Food

Tips for a Student to Eat Healthy When Ordering Food

Most college students tend to be busy with projects, assignments, and classes. And this makes it harder for them to find time to prepare meals. Thanks to rapid technological advancement, ordering food delivery has become a common habit for most people around the world. Apart from lack of time, students usually have cravings for street food or restaurant food that can be delivered to their doorstep at the blink of an eye.

You should prioritize healthy eating if you want to get good grades and achieve your goals easily. Most of the foods that appear on the menu may not always be the best options for you since they can be high in salt, sugar, and fat. It is also easy to consume fast foods when you run out of ideas. To improve your diet, you do not have to eat home-cooked meals only. Here are eight awesome tips for students to eat healthy when ordering food through home delivery.

1.      Do not order when you are tired, stressed, or starving

Do not head out to buy food or reach for your phone to order when your stomach starts growling. When you are hungry, you are more likely to order more desserts or side-dishes than you need. Ordering food when you are stressed or tired can also lead to choosing foods that will make you feel happy instead of healthy options. Planning your meals before ordering will reduce the chances of consuming unhealthy foods.

2.      Look at the portions

When your food arrives, you are likely to eat straight from the container. And this makes it difficult to know how big the portion is. Since you do not want to consume more than you require, you should consider transferring your food to a bowl or plate before eating to gauge the appropriate size. You can share the remainder with your loved ones or save it for a future time.

3.      Always go for steamed and grilled options

While it is satisfying to have crisp fried chicken, you do not have to eat it every single time you order. You should avoid oily fried food as much as you can by going for steamed or grilled options. When you do this, your skin and body will thank you. Your efforts will pay back in spades.

4.      Choose your pizza

According to assignment help, pizzas are quite popular in food deliveries and takeaway spots. However, it is no secret that they are carb-heavy and high in calories. You can minimize your carb intake by going for thin-crust pizzas instead of thick ones.

Meat pizzas also contain high saturated fats and sodium due to the use of ham, salami, and bacon. You should go for chicken, vegetarian or seafood. Also, go for tomato-based sauces and sprinkle less cheese. You can make your meal healthier by substituting cheesy garlic bread and greasy wedges with greens.

5.      Japanese food is magical

Japanese food not only tastes good but it is also a healthy option for students who love takeaway food. Go for bento sets that are nutritionally balanced with a mix of proteins, carbs, and good fats. You can also go for salmon sushi, tuna, or sashimi which are all rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. You should avoid Japanese deep-fried food like tonkatsu, chicken karaage, and pan-fried dumplings since they are high in salt content and loaded with calories.

6.      Vietnamese food is a great alternative

While Japanese food is amazing, you can also consume Vietnamese food which is not only flavourful but also healthy. A plate of pho is not only tasty but also well-balanced due to the accompaniment of fresh herbs, vegetables, and spices like coriander and basil. Fresh rice paper rolls are also a perfect addition to your meal. They are usually filled with prawns, vegetables, meat, and rice noodles. They are also packed in different flavours thus making them healthier.

7.      Avoid junk food combinations

There will be days when you will crave for fast food. When this happens, you should avoid consuming junk food combinations. Although it may seem exciting to consume burgers, fries, and soft drinks, you will end up consuming more calories. You need to stick to one thing to avoid going overboard.

8.      Go for healthy salads

While salad seems like healthy food that you can order, adding the wrong ingredients will result in unwanted sugars, fats, and more calories. To create and consume healthy salads, you need to choose a dressing like a vinaigrette, olive oil, or balsamic. You need to avoid dressings with saturated fats. Plus, your salad should be well-balanced with proteins, carbs, and vegetables. You should avoid unhealthy toppings like croutons or consume them in moderation.



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