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Accurex Biomedical: Saving Lives through Quality Medical Diagnostic Solutions

Abhinav Thakur | Accurex Biomedical | Insights Care

Diagnostics in an important component of improved value chain in the healthcare sector. The medical diagnostic industry has undergone significant transformation, driven by the innovation of medical devices and the tremendous growth in the integration of Internet of Things (IoT). Medical diagnostic devices are now being developed with wearable technology, connectivity, and personalized healthcare data in mind in order to provide essential information along the healthcare continuum. Meanwhile, factors such as aging populations and the increase in chronic diseases are also driving the growth of the global medical diagnostic industry.

The medical diagnostic industry is expected to play an increasingly important role in the next several years, as the global healthcare industry agenda is likely to shift from treatment to prediction, prevention and diagnosis. The focus on early detection and prevention of medical conditions will increase globally, while scientific innovations such as molecular and genetic testing will further boost the evolution of medical diagnostics towards more personalized treatment.

Apprehending this, Accurex Biomedical was founded in India with an aim to provide indigenous manufacturing of diagnostic reagents. Accurex is the first company to manufacture enzymatic clinical chemistry reagents in India. Established in 1984, Accurex provides medical diagnostic solutions to pathology labs. They manufacture diagnostic reagents and trade in diagnostic instruments thus providing a complete solution to pathology labs.

Today, Acuurex is one of the top three manufacturers of quality clinical chemistry reagents and urine analysis test strips with over 30 years of expertise in this area. Accurex is composed of two words, ACCU and REX. “ACCU” refers to the word accurate and its definition by the Oxford dictionary portrays the essence of their existence. “REX”, a Latin word for ‘king’, speaks of their authoritative influence in the diagnostic industry.

Guided by clear vision and driven by innovation, Accurex has gained considerable expertise in manufacturing and marketing of In-vitro Diagnostic reagents. It has built a reputation of quality products, a strong financial base and dynamic marketing. Headquartered in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India, Accurex has branch offices in metros like New Delhi & Kolkata ensures a rapid customer response time and optimal market reach.

An Erudite Leader

Abhinav Thakur, Managing Director, Accurex Biomedical, is a graduate of world renowned University Of California-Davis. He has completed his PGDM from NMIMS University, Mumbai. He has been Managing Director at ACCUREX for more than 12 years. He is responsible for establishing goals and developing strategies, raising funds, investing in resources and conducting operations at ACCUREX. Previously he has worked with SODHEXO, University Police and California Diabetes Prevention Program in California, U.S.A.

He is also the Jt. Coordinator- Mumbai of Association of India Medical Devices Industry (AIMED) and treasurer for the Association for Diagnostic Manufacturers of India (ADMI).

At Accurex, we have committed ourselves to a shared set of values that are binding on all employees,” says Abhinav. Everything they do is based on their corporate values: Honesty, Perseverance, Helpfulness, Creativity, Advancement and Prosperity. “These values give us orientation, and they determine our business relationships and of course how we cooperate within the company,” added Abhinav.

Exceptional Services and Solutions

Accurex Biomedical Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian manufacturer and marketer which provide accurate and quality solutions in the diagnostic industry. They have been in this business for over 30 years and are currently one of the top 3 Indian companies in the field of Clinical chemistry, and are known for their high quality products.

Accurex is an ISO certified company with state-of- the-art, FDA approved Manufacturing, Quality Assurance and R&D facilities meeting the stringent requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices assuring superior quality. Independent Quality Assurance department establishes policies and procedures designed to monitor all aspects of the manufacturing process like inspection of raw materials and packaging materials, on-line production checks and finally, finished product release testing.

Accurex is now the only company that provides a Performance Data Sheet along with every product pack with the evaluation data of each of their products with six Internationally Recognized control sera.

Moreover, the company has a wide array of products ranging from Clinical Chemistry reagents, Serology test kits, Urinalysis analyzer and strips, blood glucometer, Semi & Fully Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzers, Electrolyte Analyzers and Hematology analyzer.

Accurex has dedicated personnel committed to prompt product delivery and complete customer satisfaction along with a team of well-trained engineers for after sales services that add up to an excellent sales and service network. “Customer delight is at the forefront in all our business strategies,” asserts Abhinav.

Upcoming Endeavors

The brand equity built over the past three decades is the best part of Accurex.  We are going to leverage it by launching new products,” says Abhinav. With quality as their minimum requirement, Accurex aims to provide the healthcare industry with the best diagnostic tests and biomarkers to provide accurate, rapid and efficient treatment. The aim of Accurex is to research, develop, manufacture and market ‘value-added’ diagnostic products.



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