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Arlak Biotech: Delivering Affordable and Best Quality Pharma Products

Umesh Kalra | Arlak Biotech | Insights Care

India is the 2nd most populated country in the world and one of the fastest growing economies on Earth. In coming years with the continued growth, there will be the population explosion in India. These people will need good facilities, which include the healthcare sector and medicines. Thus, the demand for quality and effective pharma products will be high.

A Pharma business is one of the best ways by which a company provides its products to several regions of the country. Pharma is considered as the backbone of the pharma companies. It works as a bridge between the pharma company and the customers.

Arlak Biotech is one such leading Pharma Company in Punjab, India. They offer an extensive variety of Pharmaceutical products to healthcare industry at the most affordable cost. Arlak biotech is marketing more than 1000+ brands for different human medical requirements. Their portfolio incorporate Tablets, Softgel Cap, Capsules, Injectables, Syrups, Topical gels, Creams, Oils, Lotions, Drops, Sachet and many more others as per medical requirements.

To make their products within the scope of all patient population, Arlak Biotech keeps their value structure to a moderate level to suits the short and long terms needs of patients. They follow stringent quality control measures which affirm to the standards of pharmaceutical and guarantee full therapeutic values. Arlak Biotech is a WHO-GMP Certified Pharma Marketing Company and has a vast distribution network which guarantees convenient access of their pharmaceutical formulations throughout the country.

The Leading Light

Umesh Kalra, Founder and CEO of Arlak Biotech has a vision of becoming one of the top international companies in the healthcare sector. Umesh is a proud pharmacy graduate who started his career as a medical representative. With an incredible passion to provide healthcare to the masses at a reasonable price, Umesh initiated Arlak Biotech.

Gaining motivational support from friends and family, Arlak Biotech’s journey started with 3 products. Due to the lack of funds, Umesh contributed for every job possible and worked in various sectors such as designing, field work, and even distribution.

Under the expert guidance of Umesh, in 2015, Arlak Biotech received Businessmen excellence award “Best Quality Company in Pharma” from Dr. Harsh Vardhan (Union Cabinet Minister). And in 2016, the company added one more feather in its cap when Arlak Biotech received another award “Pharma Company with Ethical Marketing Practice” from Sh. Mansukh L Mandaviya, Hon’ble Minister of Chemical Fertilizer & Pharmaceutical.

Innovative Approaches

At Arlak Biotech, they have a complete and efficient distribution network throughout the country to guarantee accessibility of the products at all the locations in India constantly. They have a strong customer data base and they do their best to keep them fully satisfied. This has resulted in and astonishing increasing month after month in the customer data base.

The company believes in fulfilling the social responsibilities beyond the business. They are providing the best quality Pharmaceutical Products to the healthcare industry with a proficient distribution network which guarantees accessibility of their entire pharma products range to reach the valuable customers within 2-4 days. They have exceptionally imaginative and straightforward promotional inputs through brilliant showcasing and easily understandable marketing information.

Distinctive Products and Services

Taking a broader look at the requirements of boundless patient population, Arlak Biotech’s value structure of whole products range fits to the clinical requirement of the vast patient population. Their product portfolio meets effectively to healthcare management for joint pain, swelling, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes management, Gastroenterology, Respiratory Disorders, Nutrition, Diet Supplements and Skin care and others.

Moreover, the company also has a complete Ayurvedic product range along with a nutraceuticals and cosmetic range. Arlak is planning to enter the critical care segment and have recently launched Men’s grooming range.

Upcoming Endeavors

Arlak biotech aims to become a top leading name in the healthcare industry while adding more segments where humanity is facing health related troubles. Arlak biotech is planning to educate patients about upcoming threats such as cancer and other deadly disease. In India, the average lifespan is less compared to other developed countries, and a lot of work has to be done to provide an effective and economical healthcare solution to the citizens and Arlak Biotech aims to do just that.



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