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Vovantis Laboratories: Leading the Pharmaceutical Market while using Effervescent Technology

Mohal Sarabhai | Vovantis Laboratories | Insights Care

The uses of effervescent technology have gained popularity in the market.  These tablets or medicines are designed in such a way that it gets dissolved in water easily, while regular medicine lacks this quality. This quality of effervescent medicines has been proved beneficial for those people who are taking medicinally and as a diet supplement. Pleasant taste, evenly distribution of elements, increased liquid intake is few reasons why ‘Effervescent Medicines’ are popular among people.  Using this as an advantage, Vovantis Laboratories has evolved as one of the best companies which use the effervescent technologies to produce effervescent medicines.

Name Synonymous with Effervescent Products

Envisioned with an objective of becoming a global supplier of Effervescent range of products, Vovantis Laboratories had onset in the year 2008. Vovantis started delivering service with offering basic products like tablets and sachets of Vitamin C, Aspirin, multi vitamins and acetaminophen, etc. These effervescent products had gained wide acceptance and success among common people due to its better taste compared to the regular products. Their efficiency in masking taste is one of the reasons why, Vovantis topped the list midst its competitors.  The recent expansion of Vovantis includes the development of a novel product that uses curcumin in effervescent form.  This product is currently being tested for its efficiency in cancer treatment as the essence of curcumin helps in cancer care. The unique formula used by Vovantis which combines curcumin with piperazine extract, gives an effervescent effect which helps it to be absorbed easily by the human body. Vovantis offers a complete range of service to its private lable customers that include product development, analysis in pilot batches, commercial batches and customized labeling and packaging for strip foils and cartons, tubes and sachets. The products manufactured by Vovantis have a global market including in countries like USA and Canada while the products are being manufactured in India.

The Man Who Aids From the Front

Mohal Sarabhai, the Founder and the CEO of Vovantis Laboratories began his entrepreneur career with the formation of Asence Inc; a company based out in USA with a business of supplying key pharmaceutical products sourced from Asia for North American markets. During this period he noticed a huge gap in the availability and quality of effervescent products and the available products did not taste good. Mohal adds saying, “I decided to change that and with the help of a European investor incorporated Vovantis in India as a global prescription of Effervescent products”. Vovantis manufacturing facility was started in India as India offers unique advantages in both talent and labor. India also has the most approved USFDA manufacturing locations outside of the USA and the company was started in the State of Gujarat which alone is a hub for many leading pharmaceutical companies.

Reforming the Market

Mohal agrees to the fact that Effervescent technology offers faster absorption by the human body due to which it has a faster onset of action that is critical in treating acute symptoms such as pain. Also as the effervescent medicines can be swallowed easily and are gentle on the digestive tract, the demands of effervescent medicines are increasing. Mohal asserts, “I believe that more and more products would become available and patients would prefer the effervescent route of medicine, if available.”  Vovantis are developing several prescription products while also working with clients to convince and educate them to brand extend their existing molecules by offering effervescent products too. This market strategy has helped Vovantis Laboratories to expand its business and reach the common masses. Even though Vovantis Laboratories is now considered as the leader in the field of effervescent technology, the initial journey was filled with hardships. Gaining trust among the common people who have been relying on regular medicines since generations was one of the biggest challenges faced by Vovantis.  However, Vovantis was able to overcome this challenge by supplying good quality products that too timely. The first break which they received was from US where, Vovantis was asked to deliver five of their products instantly, and by this climbing the ladder of success. Mohal states, “When we incorporated this company with a focus on effervescent products, initially nobody knew us and so getting any meeting (let alone sales) was extremely difficult. I started carrying samples of our products with me and before a meeting would start would drop a multivitamin or Vitamin C into a glass of water and request my potential customers to just take a sip.”Most who took this sip ended up buying from us.

In store for Future

Vovantis Laboratories have planned to double its enhanced capacity and produce more products by the year 2020. Being a global supplier of effervescent pharmaceutical products comes with responsibilities.  Different customers have different needs and hence; Vovantis is always available for any of the queries regarding the effervescent products.  Mohal had envisioned the success path of the company since its uprising.  He adds saying, “I have great people who work with me as friends in achieving that direction with frankness and enthusiasm. I only work with positive people and value positive energy immensely.” The near future would see Vovantis’s involvement in areas such as veterinary, tank and pool cleaning products as well as bath and shower medicated products.



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