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Artificial Intelligence to Replace Traditional Methods in Healthcare

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Gone are the days when doctors used to keep a notebook and paper to keep track of their patients and their diseases. Technology is evolving every moment, and the medical world is moving alongside with this. There is hardly anyone of us who have seen an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system in the chamber of our favorite physician. Even though we are unaware of the medical industry and the influence of artificial intelligence on it, AI is silently doing its job. It is not only looking at the biometrics, keeping track and combining through millions of past medical histories but also going through the medical research papers to make predictions about the patient’s’ health.

Engineers and scientists are working hard to develop the artificial intelligence and making the bond of medicinal science and AI stronger. These developments in the AI technologies are beginning to get employed in the sector of healthcare. AI is also getting involved in improving the clinical inefficiencies and coordinate care processes to reduce healthcare costs by almost 80 percent.

Reports suggest that hospitals in the US are losing around $300 billion annually just from the lost opportunity of creating value from healthcare data. Therefore, the emergence and improve the AI system and its bond with the medical technology is growing at a rapid pace. The major changes that AI is bringing into the industry are mentioned as following.

Connecting Hospitals with Smart Messaging System

Various new enterprises are coming up with AI-based medical solutions which are providing a unified cloud IoT messaging platform for the Internet of Things devices to connect various stakeholders which are going to give the freedom to its users to receive different messages at the different frequency, with the various senses of urgency in different mediums of their choice. This AI-based system is helping the hospitals maintain a proper connection which is giving the patients and their beloved to be in mentally peace by improving efficiency in the overall hospital management process and also by maintaining interaction with all its stakeholders.

Developing Robotic Haptic Feedback

Researchers are doing a tremendous job by developing the system of artificial intelligence. It is AI which is now going to control the robots. Modern companies are using AI technology to teach the robot biomimicry social skills to collect information about how the child is feeling from biometrics and putting haptic feedback to get optimal care for the child.

Improving Robotic Surgery

Robots are everywhere from making automobiles to performing surgeries. Currently, highly skilled and experienced surgeons are performing surgeries using robots with the help of a remote-controlled console in the operating room while manipulating the wristed robotic instruments in the real-time. Robots are not only used for remote access, but also for precision during the surgery. Recently a delicate eye surgery is being performed with the help of a robotic system.

Finally, the AI disruption has begun, and it is soon going to replace the all the traditional medical systems with more precision, accuracy, and efficiency.



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