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Balanced Diet and Regular Exercise Curtails Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer | Insights Care

Colon Cancer

Healthy feeding is helpful when it comes to the good and stable state of health. To get the most out of health, then you need to add some exercise. Exercise helps to keep your body regulated and energize the immune system to be on alert against any form of malfunctioning. The disease that most people face is not because of inability to maintain balanced diet only, but the small time needed to resurrect the elements of defense was not properly given attention. So the small things needed to be done should be given attention to and on time. Colon cancer is the cancer of the lower part of the digestive system called the large Intestine or Colon.

People with the Lynch syndrome or genetic mutations have the higher risk of colon cancer and other cancers before the age of 50. This disease is hiked by Familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP), a rare disorder that causes the development of thousands of polyps in the lining of the colon and rectum.If a colon cancer patient increases physical activity post treatment he/she stands a better chance of Survival. Quality and regular exercise reduce colon cancer by 50%.

In the US, colon cancer is found mostly in males. The factors for colon cancer and rectum colorectal cancer are long-standing ulcerative colitis, colon polyps, and genetic family history, but most colorectal cancers develop from polyps.

Healthy body weight, regular exercise and balanced diet with high whole grains, fruits and vegetables lowersthe risk of cancer recurrence or death to a significant level, according to UC San Francisco investigators.

Many of the symptoms of colon cancer are caused by different things away from cancer, such as hemorrhoids, infection, inflammatory bowel disease or irritable bowel syndrome.

Even if you have these symptoms, it doesn’t mean you have cancer, but to stay on the safe side, you should go to the doctor so the cause can be found and treated on time.

In case you experience new states in bowel habits, for example,diarrhea, narrowing of the stool or constipation, which may last for more than a few days. Sometimes it feels like having a bowl but yet couldn’t be relieved after doing so rather you end up bleeding. You may experience blood in the stool or the dark one, cramping (abdominal pain), feeling tired or weak (fatigue), or unexpected weight loss

When you have these feelings, try to check yourself to be sure. But in most cases, it doesn’t mean you have colon cancer. Further studies are going on to see a way to stop the ailment from occurring at all. So many people who are victims of this disease do not get to know on time and in most cases cannot dictate what caused it except after some diagnoses in the hospitals. To avoid colon cancer you have to look out in time for the possible causes and better stay safe from the beginning than to run for a cure after it has become intense.



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