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Camomile Healthcare Ventures: Transforming Healthcare Organizations through Digital Technologies

Raghava Rao | CEO | Camomile Healthcare Ventures | Insights Care

Technology is playing a dominant role in almost all the processes within the healthcare industry. From patient registration to data monitoring, from lab tests to self-care tools, every aspect and component includes various technologies in some form. Smart phones and tablets are starting to replace conventional monitoring and recording systems, and people are now given the option of undergoing a full consultation in the privacy of their own homes. Technological advancements in healthcare have contributed to services being taken out of the confines of the hospital walls and integrating them with user-friendly, accessible devices. The impact of technology on healthcare is transformational.

A company that is efficaciously integrating digital initiatives into their services and solutions is Camomile Healthcare Ventures. It is one of the fastest growing and largest healthcare strategy and implementation advisory organizations in Asia. The company is expanding its horizons to offer compelling technology based solutions to transform healthcare organizations in emerging markets. Camomile’s work with leading organizations across private, public, and social sectors has enabled it to gain a deep functional and industry expertise. Its passionate team works towards bringing up a transformational change that the healthcare industry needs, as its focus lies on tackling and converting the challenges to opportunities, while simultaneously working together.

Camomile is uniquely positioned as a boutique healthcare advisory partner providing comprehensive solutions; it primarily focuses on three key areas:

  • Strategic advisory and direction setting
  • Operational design and implementation
  • IT design & transformation

From its inception just 3 years ago, Camomile has worked with global majors in shaping the healthcare sector. Clients include McKesson, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Manipal Hospitals, Care Hospitals, Tata Trusts, Government of Andhra Pradesh and others.

The Leadership of Camomile

Raghava Rao, is the CEO of Camomile and is an accomplished leader in the global healthcare space. He has held senior management and Board positions with various Indian and multinational healthcare companies. He has widely travelled and worked on multiple projects and initiatives in the Indian and the international healthcare sector.

He Co-founded Camomile Healthcare Ventures, a boutique Healthcare Transformation company with focus on advising Healthcare CEOs and Board of Directors on transformation and value creation. In a short span of 3 years, Rao led the company to becoming one of the largest and most influential healthcare consulting companies in India and the Asian region.

Helping Achieve Best Outcomes, Clinically and Financially

The distinctive services of Camomile that have set a benchmark in the healthcare vertical are as follows:

Analytics & Big data: Healthcare data is growing 48 % YoY—and it pours in from new research, electronic medical records, imaging, wearables, and epidemiological monitoring, along with all the environmental factors that affects the health. It can be overwhelming for doctors, but in all this abundant data lay vital clues to the next medical breakthroughs, cures and efficiencies. And now best practices and advanced expertise can go global quickly, changing the very nature of wellness and healthcare.

Digital health: Healthcare IT is a competitive necessity and Healthcare organizations need to move aggressively to adopt digital technologies. Camomile’s IT and digital practice provide cutting edge solutions for its clients to plan and create a competitive advantage through right deployment of technology.

Patient centric processes: Centering care around patients and engaging deeply with them will become survival tools for healthcare providers. Long wait times, unnecessary diagnostic tests, silo operations of each department and other hospital and doctor centric activities will become a thing of the past. Ayushman Bharat will significantly increase the healthcare usage and a shift is impending to happen from out of pocket payment to insurance, the impact of this would require hospitals to provide care at a significantly lower cost as well as deliver higher quality.

Creating Patient Ease

While patient safety is a major objective of the healthcare industry, the patient experience is also a determining factor in the success of any healthcare provider. The company is constantly working towards taking the delivery system to the next level by creating “patient convenience”. Some of the objectives of its work include; reduction in the overall cost involved, increased efficiency, increasing the patient convenience, improving the clinical outcomes, and developing patient centric care.

Key Projects

Post-Merger integration and transformation plan of Dr. B Barooah Cancer Institute (BBCI) with Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

Camomile healthcare ventures have been involved in Post-Merger integration and transformation of Dr. B Barooah Cancer Institute in Guwahati. The overall objective was to transform BBCI into a center of excellence over a period of 3 years and to build local capacities in the North Eastern region.

Building oncology capacity at Government Medical Colleges (GMCs) in Maharashtra

An initiative was taken by Department of Medical Education and Research (DMER), Maharashtra and Tata Memorial Hospital to have a comprehensive MIS for the GMC’s in Maharashtra to track the progress and effectiveness of establishing and strengthening cancer care services. Camomile was engaged to develop a digital solution which will act as an enabling system between various selected medical colleges in Maharashtra, DMER and TMH.

Transformation of leading Indian University into a World class International campus

Camomile Healthcare Ventures has been mandated to guide and advise Sri Ramachandra University (SRU), Chennai to obtain the Institute of Eminence (IoE) recognition and to put together a path for being one of the top 100 universities globally. “We guided them in the implementation of the plan and created benchmark metrics for the transformation of various faculties.”

Human Resource Being a Competitive Advantage

Camomile strongly believes in hiring and retaining the best talent. The team consists of members with considerable experience in healthcare delivery and healthcare technology. Camomile attracted top talent from the best of the globally ranked Ivy League schools like Harvard University, Imperial College, London, IIMs and other top institutes. “Professionals choose Camomile as they get to work on transformational projects and have highest levels of responsibility from day one. We encourage initiative and entrepreneurial mindset.”, says, Raghava Rao.



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