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Sun Narula Group India: Leading the Healthcare Vertical with Innovation

Pankaj Narula | Managing Director | Puneet Narula | Joint Managing Director | Sun Narula Group | Insights Care

In mid 1950s the Indian healthcare space was merely a medical supplies and consumables market, with no or negligible exposure to new medical and healthcare technologies. There was a great void. Late P K Narula, the founder of SNG India, wanted to reduce & bridge this gap and introduce the latest technologies, from world-over to India.  Founded in the year 1953, Sun Narula Group (SNG), are South Asia’s leading healthcare solutions providers. The organization’s mission is to ensure that every healthcare facility and institution has the best intra-facility logistics and healthcare solutions consequently reduce healing time, healthcare delivery costs, and enhance healthcare quality.

The group has time and again introduced several advanced medical and healthcare technologies in the region. With over 2500 historically and over 450 active healthcare providers as its customers SNG has business spanned all across the country, South Asia and as far as Middle East as well. Over the years it has evolved into South Asia’s leading Healthcare solutions and automation group.

Currently, there are two core healthcare verticals viz. Healthcare Logistics Automation, wherein SNG offers Pneumatic Tube Systems & Automated Pneumatic Waste & Laundry Collection Systems; Healthcare Turn-Key Solutions, wherein it offers Modular & Seamless OR Solutions, TKS packages for Critical Areas such as ICUs, ERs, & Patient Rooms.

SNG has also recently introduced its solutions for Central Medical Gas Supply Pipeline Systems, and have executed and delivered these solutions in a few renowned healthcare facilities.

The Competent Leadership of SNG

Over the decades the reigns were passed on to P K Narula’s sons – Pankaj Narula, the Managing Director and Puneet Narula, the Joint Managing Director. Both have taken forward the family legacy of over 65 years, ensuring that SNG remains a front-liner in providing advanced healthcare solutions in the region.  PK was largely responsible for bringing several high-tech solutions to Indian healthcare space with many firsts in the industry and is also referred to as the father of healthcare solutions in the region. Pankaj & Puneet have taken over the operations of the business in mid 1990s and have since taken the group to the levels of being one of most important and leading healthcare solutions group. Both Pankaj & Puneet are also known as pioneers in the space of healthcare logistics automation solutions and have revolutionised the healthcare space. The group has been the number one provider of these solutions continuously for the past fifteen years with more than 70% market share.

Awards and appreciations

Under the leadership of Mr. Pankaj Narula, SNG has been rated among the top 500 leading healthcare brands in India by MBI & has been awarded for achieving multiple milestones:

  • The Most Emerging Brand of the year 2015 by Medgate
  • Top 100 SME in India 2016 by India SME Forum
  • Top 10 Fastest Growing Healthcare Group 2016 by Silicon Review
  • Top 10 Most Valuable Healthcare Solutions Provider Company by Insight Success, 2016
  • Best Emerging Brand of the Year by National Awards for Excellence in Healthcare, 2016

Distinctive Services and Products

With complete in-house teams right from design to project realization, SNG is competently placed to design the best and efficient turnkey ICUs, ERs, OTs and Patient Room Solutions right from design to execution etc. Its turnkey solutions include Hospital & General Furniture, Patient Handling Solutions, Ceiling Supply Pendants, IV Track Systems, Partition Systems, Medical & General Lighting, Wall Surfaces, Drop Ceilings, HVAC, Medical Gas Pipeline System, Clinical & Modular work stations, Storage Solutions, Mobile Solutions & Carts, Modular packaged OTs / ICUs / ERs, Pneumatic Tube Systems [PTS], Automated Waste & Laundry Tube Systems [AWLS], Automated Vertical Storage & Retrieval Systems [AVSRS] & Automated Drug Management Systems [ADMS], Central Medical Gas Supply Pipeline Systems [MGPS], etc.

Innovative New Product Launches

SNG is a technology driven group – it is SNG’s endeavor and mission to continuously scout and bring innovation to South Asian healthcare space from time to time.  Recently SNG has introduced high quality Automated Pneumatic Waste & Laundry Collection Systems [APWLCS]. This is a network of tube systems that enables waste bags and laundry bags to be transported and collected at the central collection areas, automatically via pneumatic tube. This enables the healthcare facilities to have the waste bags and laundry bags collected at floor levels and then schedule the transports of these to the central collection area. This also prevents the soiled linen and waste bags to be moved and transported through the corridors, elevators and help the facility maintain high levels of hygiene apart from introduction of automation.  SNG has installed two such systems in a reputed private sector hospital in Mumbai and a government hospital in Chhattisgarh – the healthcare industry has expressed keen interest in introducing these systems in some of the major hospitals in India.

Confronting Day-to-day Challenges

“On one hand continuously scouting for and introducing new technologies in the market has its own risks and hurdles” says the MD – “Whether the market will be receptive for change? Whether the technology will fit into local economic and applications? These have been challenges always – however the Indian Healthcare Givers have been very open to adapting and adopting new technologies. On the other hand, when a technology is successfully adopted by the industry – it attracts competition.”

The Bright Future of Sun Narula

The solutions offered by SNG have had a profound positive affect in the healthcare industry. “Customers have understood that they need solutions and not mere products – this understanding has also helped SNG in its business model.” asserts Pankaj. “SNG will continuously scout for and introduce new technologies every few years in the healthcare space. This is our strength and our forte.”



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