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Celebrating Healthcare Sector's Women Leaders

Issue Profile

Anjali Agarwal
Doctor Anjali Agarwal: Diligently Serving Painless Smiles
One of the most common chronic childhood diseases is dental cavities. Sometimes this particular disease...
Ashwini Naidu
Dr. Aswini Naidu: A Cultivated Leader Inspiring the New Generation
“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”—John C. Maxwell The most interesting...
Dr Meenal Bhide
Dr Meenal Bhide - Holistic Approach to Treating Patients Physically and Psychologically 
Scientists have developed a plethora of drugs to treat various diseases. In most cases, when patients...
Sarika Sethia
Dr. Sarika Sethia: A True Epitome of Women Empowerment
As we grew up, each one of us would have read, heard, and watched the success stories of great women...
Shubhangi Arya
Dr. Shubhangi Aarya: An Inspiring Leader in the Dentistry Niche
 “If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more and become...
Snehika Kothari
Dr. Snehika Kothari – Expanding the Dental Care Awareness
Many women in India are pursuing and cultivating successful careers in the healthcare sector. They are...
Srabani Sarkar
Dr. Srabani Sarker – A Devoted New-Age Medical Warrior
Women in the medical profession have redefined the healthcare sector with their dedicated approach towards...
Pradakshana Vijay
Dr Pradakshana Vijay: Your Go-to Oral Pathologist Expert
When it comes to oral health, good preventative care is necessary. Oral health is a gateway to the overall...
Priya Mahimtura
Dr. Priya Mahimtura: Making the World a Better Place One Smile at a Time
Dental care is a prerequisite for good overall health. Untreated oral issues can lead to symptoms, such...
Sadhana Pawar
Dr. Sadhana Pawar: Strengthening Rural Healthcare in India
India is a country where a significant section of the nation’s population lives in the village. Our country’s...
Dr Shweta Mishra
Dr. SHWETA MISHRA – A MDS, A Senior Lecturer, and An Inspiration for Many
Women are present in nearly every segment of the healthcare profession. They are carrying out their responsibilities...