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Dean’s Professional Services: Delivering Competent Staffing Solutions in the Healthcare Arena

Jennifer Lynn Dean | President and Founder | Dean's Professional Services
Jennifer Lynn Dean, President and Founder, Dean's Professional Services

In today’s challenging situations, there is a massive shortage of assistance in the healthcare industry. As a result, there is a tremendous requirement of medical staff to fill up the gaps. This is where, the leading medical staffing companies play their role. They use their massive network to connect the employers with the best employees.

These medical staffing companies carry out in-depth research of candidates and provide employers with highly skilled professionals. They maintain a strong network to scout for talented individuals across the country. The leading medical staffing companies give their best efforts to discover and select the most talented and dedicated healthcare professionals, who would deliver their very best in serving the healthcare industry and the society at large.

One such pioneer in the field of medical staffing is Dean’s Professional Services (DPS). It is a national award-winning staffing firm which provides temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire staffing solutions. From inception, the company has provided staffing services to the healthcare industry. However, it has branched out to provide staffing solutions to the food and environmental, administrative, finance, and information technology industries.

The company’s goal is to create a match for every organization. It not only matches skill, but personality to fit the needs of the client’s facility. DPS becomes an extension of any organization, providing a partnership they can rely on. The employees of the company are generated on a 48% referral basis. Team DPS understands that word of mouth is the greatest form of advertising, and its professionalism and customer service reflect just that. All team members, whether in house or out in the field are employees of DPS and are treated as such.

Staying Ahead of the Competition 

Since 1993, Dean’s Professional Services has placed over 45,000 employees across the United States. Recruiting and interviewing applicants is only the beginning of its vetting process for potential new hires. The company takes the time to review and verify all essential qualifying factors for its applicants.

DPS is a Joint Commission Certified Health Care Staffing service. The Gold Seal of Approval is a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to providing qualified and competent health care professionals.

Every applicant is processed through its DPS 5-Point Check System, which includes an interview, specialty evaluation, background check, education/license verification and employment verification, as well as the client’s specific healthcare compliance requirements before being placed.

All DPS’s patient care providers are required to have at least a verifiable license, certification, or diploma from an accredited organization, as well as an American Heart Association (AHA) CPR Certification. It provides efficient services to the clients and employees 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. “Our clients and our employees can contact us whenever there is an issue. Everyone is accessible – from our president to your personal staffing coordinator”, says team DPS. 

Delivering a Wide Array of Solutions 

Dean’s Professional Services provides temporary, temp to hire, and direct hire staffing solutions. It supports traditional staffing requests; however, its area of expertise lies within its ability to provide contingent labour solutions large and small, while maintaining flexibility and high customer service standards.

The company’s workforce solutions combine its expertise in staffing and supplier management with leading vendor management system (VMS) technology to best meet the clients’ business requirements.

Each solution is customized to provide them with quality talent, seamless implementation, strong governance and compliance, comprehensive and customized program management, and tangible savings with a goal of creating operational excellence and yielding sustainable value.

These workforce solutions include on-call / PRN solutions, full time pool management, customized technology solutions, pre-employment and healthcare compliance management, vacancy workflow solutions, and utilization reporting. 

Excellent Leadership 

The personality responsible for the success of DPS is Jennifer Lynn Dean, the President & Founder. In 1993, Jennifer had an idea that was designed by a higher power. She set out to move through time and space to make her new goal a reality. She quickly realized that without her clients as her main priority, she would not be able to deliver the quality of service that would edify her dream and make Dean’s Professional Services the company it is today. 

As a business owner, Jennifer developed a strong desire to share her knowledge with others through public speaking. Her company, Outspoken, provides professional development, customer service training, and customized workshops.

A highly sought-after speaker and life coach, Jennifer speaks more than 60 times per year to various medical associations, physician’s offices, educational centers, churches, and graduation commencements throughout the United States. 

Adopting Modern Technology

Team DPS believes that in America today, customer experience ratings, communication tools, and technology solutions are at the top of the priority list for most healthcare organizations. New technology innovations are transforming the staffing and hiring process.

From simple, mobile-friendly web options to accessible electronic medical records for patients, the healthcare industry is already in a technology dependent era.

It believes, “This is not lost on those that are responsible for recruitment and staffing. Applicants must not only understand the technical acumen of their specific roles and the level of patient satisfaction with care necessary but be proficient in the current technology requirements put on them by the ever-changing technological advances”.

Leading through the Pandemic

Sustaining operations during the pandemic for Dean’s Professional Services has ultimately been about its ability to pivot. Flexibility within its internal operations to its service offerings have allowed the company to thrive in this environment. DPS’s pivot, although it benefitted from being in healthcare, was focused on quickly adapting its services to fit the needs of its clients.

The company immediately began providing staffing services for positions that were supporting the pandemic relief such as temperature readers, COVID screeners, epidemiology professionals, and other essential staff.

In addition, its adult education division, EdVantage Training Solutions, began providing free stress management and career transition workshops and online courses as well as micro-certifications for temperature readers to assist its applicants with necessary tools for surviving the pandemic.

Internally, DPS immediately went to a remote operations model, like most organizations that can function remotely. The company was able to immediately begin using tools that were already at its disposal such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. These tools allowed different teams to remain at home, but also allowed for remote interviews and onboarding conferences with the applicants.

Guidelines for the Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow 

Team DPS advises the future leaders that healthcare is constantly evolving in many aspects, however patient care and service are foundational. This industry requires personable, competent engagement and high levels of service from a person. Technology can assist but cannot replace how human interaction impacts healthcare. It further states that even in the area of contingent labour, it is impossible to succeed without a level of discernment about how the patient will ultimately respond.

The Future Run 

Marching ahead, Dean’s Professional Services will continue to build a strong foundation around customizable, service-oriented business. Team DPS states, “The future of our organization is dependent on our ability to evolve with the industry and find solutions for the challenges that will face the future of healthcare”. The company intends to continue to be a pioneer solution provider.  



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