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Europe’s Top 5 Effective Leaders in Healthcare

Wolfgang Hackl: A Revolutionary Discoverer of the PredictionStar
When it comes to cancer research and drug development, there lies a vast gulf of uncertainty in the traditional approach of theory and practice. That gulf widens with the ‘somewhat manual, somewhat technical clinical trial and error methodology. Thus, the entire R&D process is not only huge time...

Issue Profile

Albert Iversen | RaskRask
Albert Iversen: Imbibing Hope in Healthcare
Napoleon well expressed, “A Leader is a dealer of hope.” We respect personalities who plant the seeds...
Miguel Anton | Elma Care
Miguel Angel Anton: A Flourishing Name in Digital Insurance
“Being an entrepreneur is overestimated by society,” states Miguel Angel Anton.“People don’t realize...
Kevin McKenzie | Alpex pharma
Kevin McKenzie: Rooted in Swiss Quality, a Life Sciences Company with a Global View
In the ever changing and rapidly developing world of healthcare products, success demands a finely-tuned...