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Evolve Excellence: Unleashing Limitless Possibilities for Present & Future Goals

Dr. Vahini Reddy | Founder & Director | Evolve ExcellenceTM | Present & Future Goals | Insights Care

Evolve ExcellenceTM provides wide-ranging executive recruitment, human resources management services, business consulting services, corporate training, and leadership training services for private, and public sectors. Established in 2011, by Dr. Vahini Reddy Founder & Director – Evolve Excellence™ is known for HR Recruitment both in the India, and around the world. From start-ups and MSMEs to many of the India’s best known brands, it specializes in recruiting exceptional HR professionals for businesses in a range of sectors from large corporate companies within financial services to public sector organizations concerned with operational efficiencies across multiple sites.

The company has a vast pool of veteran experts from diverse field. Each professional is committed to constant learning, development and tooled with a variety of exceptional credentials. In this issue we bring you an exclusive interview with Dr. Vahini, regarding the services and journey of her organization.

  1. What according to you is the current scenario and challenges in the healthcare space, and tell us how Evolve ExcellenceTM is helping out?

Healthcare sector, though it is the most promising career it is in the cross roads when it comes to certain areas such as overspending, underperforming workforce, lack of Empathy observed in doctors, nurses and ward boys, patient counseling is almost equal to no which talks tons about scarcity of leadership. India’s healthcare sector is $81.3 billion industry which has greater opportunities to scale up as we are already serving the world as medical tourism country. What we lack is leadership in many ways; poor operational systems are actually taking away our image as professionals as only few corporate hospitals are implementing such protocols and systems. Are another area of concern, passive but they are harming the active contributions in big way, leaving scope speculations. Especially in Indian urban, there are multispecialty care hospitals who charge multiple times fees for simple check-ups. This impression is now so strongly rooted because there is least preference shown to Medical Counselors in our country. Medical representatives are considered as respectful people because business rolls in through sales. But “Medical Counselors” aren’t considered important because they are seen as liability. There is a need to fill this gap and we are working on not only bringing that awareness but also collaborated with an IT firm to develop software to help Medical Counselors to perform their jobs in a systematic way. Apart from this we are working with two well-known hospitals in building accountability, empathy in midlevel employees and structuring management systems. We are also engaged in rebuilding the internal operations for patient centric responses. “People and skills are the heart of our economic prosperity and our expertise is on train, develop and build human capital as in creating balance between the human and physical resources. In medical sector it is prominently essential to maintain an appropriate mix between the different types of hospitals with proper treatment and care to ensure patients health, wellbeing and also to run the systems successfully.

  1. Creativity and teamwork are the pillars of an institution, Dr. Vahini, please tell us something about how you have contributed to developing these qualities in Evolve ExcellenceTM.

It’s important that leaders keep track to develop an environment that supports team cohesiveness. Team is composed of different cultural background, experiences, age and expertise. I have seen team members who were best of friends in college days but had extreme views when they were at work place due to their drivers and pattern of work. One was creative, dreamer and another was structured, doer and believes in taking charge. And working with such diverse team as group is challenging but I figured out that there is one area they all come on to same page and that’s food. So, for some period our dining areas became discussion area where they were given one or other topic to discuss and come up with strategies. That led to fewer disagreements. Tasks and socializing elements of team functioning is vital, I would say. Positive relationships and sense of community, togetherness are product and cause of positive emotions. A positively connected team would always think optimistically for group success and well-being of those who work along with them. Else we know the idiom; one bad fish can spoil the whole pond. And most of the times it happens due to their insecurities or dominant nature or controlling attitude. As team members or leaders we can always tweak a little to tune bad fish to good one before taking final calls. Why final call? ‘Because one person can spoil team’s enthusiasm, and team synergy.’ As it would affect team members’ efficiency which is a de-motivating factor. In feel a team member with creative and strategic ability can face uncertainties and solve more problems. When I see that we have mixed individuals in a team like, thinkers and doers or creative and structured, I ensured to take some time out to understand their personalities, abilities and their motivational forces. Then I engage them in task to create ads, organize events etc. In some instances, we engaged international mentors to visit and interact with our team for team building activities indoor and outdoor both. Apart from this I ensure to boost team morale by giving them platform to showcase their innate talents, short trips and outings to keep their happiness meter high. Give them the necessary resources along with developing bonding and challenging their intellect. This also helped in honing interpersonal skills.

  1. What inspired you to start the company and how have you nurtured it?

I have a dream of working on mission to start a foundation. And wanted to work on development and well-being of these children by providing education and nurture the mother into entrepreneur. I have decided not to take any donations. I thought I could raise funds by serving corporate through my services. So, I established my company “Evolve Excellence™ Pvt. Ltd”. I believe working with effective strategies to focus on high quality products/profile delivery and give more than whatever the commitments are given to the clients. I also focus on increasing more products, and keep on updating and upgrading myself and team. Then focused on generating multiple source of income to build the company. I ended up working on contractual based project like rebuilding organizations, creating policies and operating systems to SME, got involved in project funding assignments. I rendered trainings and due diligence evaluations. As we grew, I took support of my team for internal works; client coordination and I focused on bringing govt. projects, international projects and took care of training delivery, creating trainers and business development team. Today we are recognized, and awarded as best training company by World Education Congress, Global Awards.

  1. What is the story of Evolve ExcellenceTM? Kindly tell us all the parts, from its inception to where it is today.

In my earlier answer I spoke about the inception of Evolve Excellence™. So, the inception of Evolve Excellence™ started in 2010 with its initial name as Samiya Consulting & Training Solutions. In Sanskrit Samiya means “Incomparable” and I wanted to cater our clients with such quality. I searched for local associates from various states to coordinate with clients, and help me in organizing event and my stay when I go to deliver a program. Those were the days when I just recovering from my paralysis and I needed little help when I travel. I got my project in Elluru to kick start with. But, unfortunately the local associate there was with me till work got completed and the day amount was released he left me in cab in the middle of the night where I was heading to airport to Vijayawada with little share in hand. That was a bad experience. I learn my lesson but also I felt this isn’t a good experience to start with. So, I took a week’s time and registered my company again in next couple of months with the name Evolve Excellence™ Pvt. Ltd. in 2012. Since then, no matter what may come I never looked back.  We were catering to corporate and educational sector initially. We cater more than 70 training programs and coaching capsules to IT, Manufacturing, Educational, Healthcare and Banking sectors. We have fifty plus young and experienced associated trainers across India and sixteen GBSB™ in-house certified trainers to serve our clients. We are well known in the market for the quality and progress that we bring in. You must read the book “Vaahini and The Lion” in which my life journey is been written. It tells a whole lot of story on personal and professional voyage travelled simultaneously.

  1. What is the USP of your organization and how do the main services of the company reflect this?

Our Business Values are embedded in how we build success. These are the qualities that set us apart:

  • Quality Focused
  • Creative and Innovative
  • Build Transformational Leaders
  • Accountability, Ethics and Ownership
  • Superior Standards in Mentoring and Training Delivery
  • Add Greater value and serve beyond Client’s Expectations
  • We value local community and are socially responsible.
  1. We came across the “Entrepreneurs as Nation Builders” program that you are developing, could you throw some light on this program? Why do you think it is beneficial for your clients?

Like me, many of MSME owners when they startup, focus on building business, product or service, and deliver to clients. In doing so they miss out monitoring other aspects of business. This in turn damages all our efforts of growing business. With ENB, course, entrepreneurs get on field assistance for the challenges they encounter.

  1. What is the firm’s value proposition and how are you communicating it?

You would see in Evolve ExcellenceLogo, you would see our value proposition right under company name.  It says: “Supremacy Progress, Spherical & Pinnacle”. We communicate it in sales pitch and in our service delivery.

  1. What would you recommend to build human capital to serve global market?

I would say adopt Germany’s model, where the teacher decides the career based on the psychometric assessments, skills and performance of the ward. For that our teachers and faculty must be trained first to carry out such evaluations. But to start with, I would recommend conducting Psychometric assessment for schools and colleges that guides both on career and evolution of personality.

  1. As the company also focuses on providing employee as well as various training programs, how are you keeping up with the developments in this line?

In terms of products, right from beginning we focused on R&D, patenting and accreditations. In terms of scaling up in other cities we are currently focused on Ahmedabad and Hyderabad market. Analyzing 2020-2025 market needs to develop human capital suitable for those needs.

  1. Who are your clients and what do they say about the company and its services?

Our clientele include some of the prestigious organizations, to name a few; Greenlam Laminates, Qatargas, JCB, Kinetic Green, Havells, Infosys, KG Reddy, Infotech, ZensSar, Hyundai, Crabtree, Oracle, Dr. Reddy’s, Satven, Simon Carves, PlagstoneTM, Akemi Business School, Indo-Asian Academy and Indus Business School.

  1. What does future hold for Evolve ExcellenceTM?

In essence we keep checking with global market, current affairs and future trends to be prepared to take up opportunities. The hope is to experience a grand success in future.



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