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Google Ventures Predicts Its Success in Improving Healthcare Sector


Google Ventures

Google Ventures (GV) is one of the venture capitals firms that was once part of Google, got separated in the year 2009, and currently functions in partnership with Alphabet.

Despite it having a huge list of notable investments in famous companies, its direction has been headed towards healthcare.

According to a recent 2022 Health Tech report, Ben Robins, an investor, sees a vast level of opportunities in addressing healthcare problems through the use of tech capabilities and GV’s pockets. On this regard, GV will invest in an entire range of healthcare spectrum such as diagnostics, health IT systems, care delivery and therapeutics.

GV will continue to shine in the future to come, as Ben stated in an interview that through Alphabet’s support, more funds will continue to invest in the healthcare sector.

It will be a meaningful change towards the way patients seek care” – Ben concluded.



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