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HealthCube and Karkinos Healthcare rolled out cancer screening camp for women in Chikkaballapur

Cancer screening camps

20,000 women to be screened for basic health parameters and for oral, breast, cervical and colorectal cancer

Bangalore, 20th September 2021: HealthCube, a diagnostics solution provider with the vision of transforming healthcare through the delivery of point-of-care diagnostics, has set-up cancer screening camps in Chikkaballapur, Karnataka to test for early signs/symptoms of the four major cancers, breast, oral, cervical and colorectal.

The screening across the 6 taluks will be in accordance with the resource-stratified guidelines of the National Cancer Grid of India and the Operational Framework for Management of Common Cancers Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Government of India.

More than 70% of all cancer deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries, where resources for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer are limited.1 Survival rates for breast, oral and cervical cancers are favorable, provided they are detected and treated in the early stages. For example, five-year survival rates for early-stage cancers are 60.2%, 76.3% and 73.2% for oral, breast and cervical cancers respectively.2 The prognosis for advanced stages, on the other hand, is poor, with five-year survival rates being 3.3%, 14.9%, and 7.9% for these cancers respectively.3 Despite evidence that early detection saves lives, India has few large-scale screening initiatives.

In this light, HealthCube has joined hands with two organizations, in collaboration with Chikkaballapur district authorities: Karkinos Healthcare Private Limited and Public Health Technologies Trust (PHTT) for this project. The purpose of the project is to raise awareness on the importance for early detection.

Karkinos Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is a digital oncology platform that believes no person should be deprived of care either by lack of access or affordability. The company is focused on designing and delivering bespoke solutions for cancer care and is on a mission to create ‘cancer centers without walls.’ Built on a scalable, state-of-the-art AI technology platform, KarkinosHealthcare is set to transform cancer care that can be delivered closer to a patient’s home in an end-to-end manner. The core objective of Karkinos Healthcare is to create an up-to-date dynamic cancer knowledge base and curate that knowledge to distribute, democratize, and integrate cancer care throughout the healthcare milieu.

PHTT is a not-for-profit organization, dedicated to the deployment of affordable health technologies for the public good and has expertise in, planning, and executing public health projects, like screening camps.

Speaking about the screening program, Dr Moni Abraham Kuriakose, Medical Director, Karkinos Healthcare, said, “Early detection of cancer is crucial to improve the outcome of the disease. This requires taking early cancer detection services to the community, where it matters the most. Karkinos Healthcare works with people diagnosed with cancer to help them find diagnostic facilities and treatment centers closer to their homes. The company’s broad mission is to spread awareness on cancer causes and enable early detection of the most common, preventable cancers. I am confident that the community-based screening program, organized by HealthCube and Karkinos Healthcare, at the Chikkaballapur taluks will be successful in early identification of cancer in women, who may be susceptible to one of the most common cancers.”

Adding further, Prashant Arukia, Chief Operating Officer, HealthCube, said, “Community-based screening events attract a significantly greater number of participants compared to a hospital-based event. We aim to enroll 20,000 women who will be screened for basic health parameters (including vitals, blood glucose, etc.) and for cancer.”

Dr Radha Rangarajan, CSO HealthCube, said, “Our screening program is comprehensive and takes into consideration life style, diet, family history and medical historyalong with the results of the cancer specific tests.  This allows us to identify those at riskand refer them for further testing. We are grateful for the support given to us by the district health administration so that those at risk can undergo confirmatory testing and treatment at Government facilities.”

There is a huge need to ensure that people in the rural areas have access to preventive healthcare screenings. The solution is to take testing to the community, eliminating the need to travel and simplifying the process of diagnosis. HealthCube is enabling high-quality patient-centric interventions to protect health, save time, and reduce the cost of healthcare.

About HealthCube

HealthCube is a health-tech company that deploys hardware, software, and data collection capabilities and AI to deliver early disease identification and enable effective treatment.

HealthCube’s primary product is a medical-grade, clinically accurate, portable diagnosis system, similar to a dictionary in size, that can be used easily anywhere by anyone with minimal training. The system is a combination of smart diagnostics and artificial intelligence to facilitate rapid screening of patients. It provides accurate results for reliable patient screening. HealthCube provides results in 3 to 15 minutes for 30+ tests across various parameters like vitals, biochemistry, infectious diseases, and cardiac markers, etc.

HealthCube has footprints across four continents. In Kenya, we are working with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to support diagnostic services in the remote parts of the country through ten clinics. In India, HealthCube devices are deployed across 22 states. HealthCube is also working on different operating models with 11 State Governments. HealthCube works with the Nand & Jeet Khemka Foundation in Bhagalpur on maternal health. Leading corporates have collaborated with HealthCube for their CSR programs including Vodafone Idea ltd, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India, among others.



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