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Implantable Microchip: An Excellent Alternative to Monitor Your Disease

Implantable Microchip | Insights Care

In the present world, many modern things are possible for us. The technology has made our living easy in many ways. If we take an example of auto industries, presently, we can see the fully automated cars or driverless cars which run on the principle of sensors or microchips. The way we uses the device for cars likewise we can put the microchips in human body also. It could warn us weeks or months or years before something happen. The first implant carried out in 1998 by the British scientist used to perform simple tasks.

Smart Performance of Microchips in Body

The implanted chip connected with the smart phone conveys the various signs of disease conditions such as infections, heart attacks, and other health issues. For this, it takes the help of robots, cameras and other wireless systems. Also, this device gives the information about the medical history of a patient at instance without wasting more time to find out the records. For this, they simply have the unique coding system or number which helps to get the information from the database. It provides the information about the type of allergies, kind of antibiotic taken in past days. And tell us about the kind of medicines you should take during the case of medical emergencies.

Microchips: Single Technology Defeat the Multiple Problems 

The dimension of the microchip is of few millimeters equal to the size of a rice grain and easy to implant under the skin. These chips are made up of biological materials and does not have any hazardous effect on body.  It is a painless process and takes only a few minutes to complete. After insertion, it is necessary to activate the chip by the manually operated scanner, after activation chip emits the waves which are recorded by the scanner as a unique identification number. The doctor uses that number to access the information from the database. These implanted chips send the signals to the nervous system and tell them to heal the condition by itself.

The microchips are playing exciting roles to flourish our lives in many ways. This device reduces the wastage of money spent on prolonged treatments, and we can safely perform the automated therapy. Although it works effectively to come out of critical disease conditions like drug delivery, which is known as a one of the complex phenomenon and diseases like diabetes, hypertension where critical analysis is necessary. The microchips can play a vital role in the case of multiple sclerosis, where discrete drug dosing is needed.

Furthermore, the Microchip is also used to create the artificial glands. Also, regulates the hormone secretion of the body and prevents the hormonal disorders. With the help of chipping, one can do the constant heart monitoring, and timely check on the risks of cardiac arrest and releases the proper drugs to decrease the damage of heart muscle during attacks.

Recent studies showed that microchips had performed a great role in restoring the eye sight of nine blind people. The implant electrically activates the optic tissues. Also, the studies done by the scientist suggest that the microchips can work better for the psychiatric disorders. This device will control the nerves of the immune system.

Still the research is ongoing to find out the best use of microchip technology.



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