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Indian Medical Association: Sharing Information of Coronavirus Creates Panic

During the novel coronavirus crisis, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) said that sharing information of affected patients daily has created panic among the common public across the country. The association appealed to the government to classify the data that is released to the public.

The doctors’ body said, “Doctors and hospitals remain a silver lining in otherwise clueless situation for the common man.” The doctors’ body had requested every doctor to instill confidence and trust amongst the public.

The IMA said, “It cannot be denied that high handed top down response in China is part of the reason for this global panic. The nuanced and balanced approach of the Indian government is certainly better suited to handle the crisis in a country of 1.3 billion people.”

The IMA listed out measures like washing hands with soap and water as needed, self isolation if having symptoms such as fever or cough, avoiding posting online negative messages, etc. It also added that it is working in harmony with other health authorities all over India.

The doctors and hospitals across the country have been informed to prepare in advance for 24X7 help for the public. The IMA also said that the details of these helplines will be in public domain shortly.

The government was urged by the IMA to utilize the COVID-19 outbreak to track tuberculosis cases and to include hand hygiene in the Swachh Bharat Programme.

The number has risen to 60 confirmed cases with two fresh positive cases – on each in Delhi and Rajasthan – the health ministry said on Wednesday. The total number of 60 cases includes 16 Italians.

Kerala had reported nine cases of which three patients were discharged last month after recovery.



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