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Intense Exercise: Beneficial or Detrimental

In light of recent events, doctors have stated that people with heart conditions and those who do not work out regularly, maybe at risk of cardiovascular ailments when participating in intense exercise. American Heart Association(AHA) had published a statement that stated that people who had sedentary lifestyles should mandatorily inculcate exercise into their routine and progress into intense exercise.

People with a severe heart condition should speak to a doctor before starting any exercise regime. This statement was issued to underline the health benefits of exercise. This method has devised people to become more active and increase the intensity of their exercise.

Studies have revealed the importance of physical activity for a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is known to carry multiple benefits and the major one is reducing the risk of major health issues and improving mental health. Statistically speaking, any sort of physical exercise could reduce the risk of cardiovascular mortality by 35% and general mortality by 33%.

The effect of this message has impacted various people in different parts of the world. Numerous individuals have considered this to be life-saving and many of them have switched to high-intensity workouts.

Although exercise in any form is said to be suitable for preventing diseases, it could also prove harmful when not done right and not performed by suitable individuals. Some individuals may have undetected heart diseases and may not be able to sustain intense workouts. Though these risks are involved, people still persist to run marathons and triathlons to prove the point that the benefits outweigh the risks.

The major point of focus being, slowly building tolerance and stamina would be more effective than averting to direct intense exercise.



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