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InXite Health Systems: Empowering Patients; Enabling Providers; Modernizing Healthcare

InXite Health Systems

InXite is leading the way in modernizing healthcare as we know it today. InXite defines the modern healthcare system as one that empowers patients. It enables them to have a greater control, convenience and choice of their healthcare and focuses on both treatment and prevention. By empowering patients to securely share their information, healthcare providers now have access to a shared and comprehensive view of pertinent data about their patients to make informed decisions in developing care plans and improving patient outcomes. Hence, InXite Health Systems rose to provide a data platform that would gather, organize and orchestrate patient health information on behalf of the patient and for the benefit of the patient’s care team of providers. InXite is a health-tech company that delivers critical technology, approach and platform for the modern healthcare systems.

The company strives to surround itself with like-minded, ethical, and experienced employees, technology and service partners, healthcare payers and providers; who are committed to delivering on its mission of making the vision of modern healthcare system, a reality.

Remarkable Services

InXite’s vision is a modernized healthcare system that is patient-centered and value-based, aligning the interests, objectives, and incentives of all healthcare participants around the common goal of improving patient outcomes and lowering costs. Hence, it provides a cutting-edge patient-centered value-based platform that drives significant value to every stakeholder.

For Patients, the company provides them with their own dedicated Patient Portal (a secure “Facebook-like” page) and a powerful user-friendly health information management mobile application. This portal collects data from patients’ providers and organizes the information into a single unified care plan. This plan can be easily and securely shared by the patient with providers of their choice.

The Patient Portal provides recommendations to the patient into areas that could improve their care and costs. It includes features such as: where patients can get their medications refilled at a lower cost; their providers’ recommendations; and how to learn and gain access to relevant and appropriate products, treatments and services.

The patient mobile application empowers the patients to seamlessly share their medical information with their providers. It also has a feature that reminds and alerts patients of their care plans that include: scheduled medications, activities and appointments; and improves how the patient can interact with their doctors through both text, voice and teleconferencing capabilities.

For Patient’s healthcare Providers, a comprehensive value-based platform that is freely available and can be personalized to practice for enhancing patient care and increasing revenues. The Value-based care Platform compliments and extends the providers existing electronic medical record system (EMR). This platform enables the practice and can implement a variety of value-based care programs and offer new services to patients.

For Payers and Researchers, robust and reporting dashboards are configured to gain immediate valuable data insights to improve patient outcomes.

InXite’s Data Interoperability-as-a-Service is able to gain access to critical data as well as collects and standardizes data from both large and small providers using proven technologies.

The Industry Expert

Companies that thrive on innovation require personalities who are able to adapt to changes. people. These leaders with their diverse knowledge are restless in their pursuits to improve the lives of people. Hence, we at Insights Care see it as a privilege to introduce you to the CEO, Mr. James Paat, the visionary behind InXite.

Mr. Paat has always been passionate about how improved data sharing can drive better decisions, improve quality and efficiency, and lower costs. He has helped introduce key innovations that have fundamentally changed and improved multiple industry segments including financial services, global supply chain management, public safety, homeland security, and now global healthcare.

Since InXite’s inception in 2014, Mr. Paat has collaborated with many respected leaders to gain critical feedback and validation of InXite’s solution offering and approach. When asked about the inception story of InXite, Mr. Paat replied, “The reason I was driven to start InXite was because of the impact we knew we could have on improving patient care and the U.S. healthcare system”. He continues to develop formative relationships with influential decision-makers who will be key in furthering InXite’s vision of bringing value-based, patient-centered care to all.

With 30+ years of data sharing and healthcare experience, he is continually sought after by the industry to share his expertise. He has been invited on several occasions to address industry leaders, Congressman, Senators, and key officials in the White House on patient empowerment and value-based care.

Through his journey, James has received notable recognition and accolades. However, for Mr. Paat, the biggest satisfaction, in his own words, “What we’re doing at InXite has never been done before. We are literally blazing a trail in the world of healthcare, the likes of which has never been seen before. Being able to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others is what matters most to me—not making money. I knew we had the right background and relevant expertise to make a significant change.”

Disrupting the Healthcare Industry

With its innovative approaches, InXite continuously pushes the envelope to visualize how things can and should be to how they can be. To deliver a modern patient-centered value-based care, the company’s sedulous team is always on a quest to discover ways to achieve the impossible.

According to Mr. Paat, technology advances at an accelerated pace alongside, new inventions being introduced seconds after seconds. New points solutions such as Artificial Intelligence, Tele health, Remote Patient Monitoring, and Blockchain are few examples.

He believes all these technologies have value when applied at the right time and place during a patient’s healthcare journey and with the InXite platform, the journey can be managed. He further adds that when it is appropriate and relevant, the company introduces new technologies to the platform.

To explain the concept of introduction of new technologies, Mr. Paat says, Here is a simple analogy…think of InXite as the iPhone (the platform) and apps as new technologies accessible on the platform. Consumers open the apps they need when they need them. InXite provides similar control, convenience and choice to the consumer for all of their healthcare needs. When the consumer needs access to healthcare providers or applications, InXite provides the core platform to connect and orchestrate the data and interaction.”

An Unmatched Culture

InXite work environment has played a crucial role in the company’s many endeavors. It aspires to maintain the collaborative culture which encourages and rewards risk-taking, innovative thinking, effort, and self-starting.

This productive environment has been driving the team of InXite. Their Avante-Garde approaches under the exemplary leadership of Mr. Paat has helped to deliver quality service to their clients. It has resulted in earning trust and respect from a range of national and global companies. This has further lead to their distinguishable work in the areas of value-based care, regulatory compliance, disease and episode of care pathway development, and research. Their hard work also helped the company to become part of several strategic initiatives with different states and Indian communities focused around improving the opioid crisis, rural healthcare, and native health.

In the words of Mr. Paat, “My team shares the same energy and excitement that I do about our company’s goals and mission. How many people can say they are actually saving lives while working from an office? The work we do is meaningful and impactful. And, we truly care about each other’s well-being and encourage a healthy work-life balance. We work hard but we have fun, too.”

Empowerment for Future

InXite continuously strives to incorporate the terminology of modern healthcare into every aspect of the healthcare industry. “This is an exciting time for InXite and our future is very bright. As we continue to improve our technological capabilities, enhance our partnerships and expand our reach, we will work to achieve our mission one day—and one patient—at a time,” concludes Mr. Paat with an optimistic vision and enthusiasm.



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