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Josh Stein: An Embodiment of Brilliance and Innovation in Healthcare

Josh Stein | Co-founder & CEO | AdhereTech | Healthcare | Insights Care

Exceptional leaders are persistent, hardworking, and have an indomitable will. They overcome all odds and work towards achieving not only the organizational goals, but also for the development of the society and the environment.

A good leader is fair, consistent, trustworthy, egalitarian, intellectually-honest, and mission focused. One such passionate leader with a positive attitude and creative approach is Josh Stein, the Co-Founder and CEO of AdhereTech.

A Fervent Leader with the Zeal to Deliver Exceptional Healthcare Service

While studying at Wharton, Josh founded AdhereTech in 2011, and he’s built the company along with a group of passionate healthcare and technology professionals. Josh considers himself an entrepreneur with a focus on improving the patient experience. He is passionate about leveraging simple-to-use technology to positively support patient behavior. At AdhereTech, Josh aims to create a cellular technology to monitor patient adherence in real time and remind patients to take their prescribed dosage via automated phone call or text message– and also to connect patients to live pharmacist support when additional care is needed. Prior to this, Josh worked for a number of successful startups in New York City, including FreshDirect. He has also appeared on the TEDMED stage in 2013 and 2014 as a featured speaker.

I’ve always been interested in healthcare, technology, design, and entrepreneurship.” says Josh. He is grateful to have worked with so many incredible people at AdhereTech. He considers his interaction and association with his team as the key to the company’s success.

Providing Patients with the Ultimate Healthcare Experience

Josh says that having patients benefit from the technology that he and his colleagues have created is so incredibly fulfilling on both a professional and a personal level. He experiences this every day. “It’s why I love coming to work each day.” adds Josh.

A report states that $300 billion loss is incurred in the US because patients do not take their medications on time. Over a hundred thousand patients pass away each year because of medical non-adherence. AdhereTech identified this problem and invented its unique patient support programs, all powered by its patented smart pill bottles.

Josh asserts, “The Healthcare industry is sometimes slow to adopt novel technologies, but this can be overcome if a firm puts an enormous focus on clinical data and regulatory compliance.” Josh and his team have dedicated nearly a decade to developing the product, going through regulatory approvals, gathering clinical data, and expanding with commercial partnerships. He says that it’s imperative to navigate these processes in a detailed, professional, and experienced manner for the sustainable growth.

About AdhereTech

AdhereTech provides pharma-sponsored support programs to patients on specialty medications, all powered by its patented smart pill bottles. Customers include many of the largest pharma companies and specialty medications, as well as most of the top specialty pharmacies in the US. Patients receive a smart pill bottle from the specialty pharmacy, with their fill of a specialty medication. The bottles work right out of the box, with zero setup. Patients simply use it just like a normal bottle, and automatically get all of the benefits of the program, including helpful reminders for missed doses. The system is intelligent and will only send a reminder when a dose is missed. Additionally, the program also provides personalized support for refills & health issues. If a patient needs additional support, AdhereTech’s system notifies their pharmacy or healthcare provider. The pharmacy or healthcare provider then knows about important issues earlier, so they can contact the patient to provide support, sooner than ever before possible.

Remarkable Accomplishments

Under the avid leadership of Josh, AdhereTech has achieved numerous landmarks. The company sells its smart pill bottles in five continents, with the majority of customers in the United States. AdhereTech produces hardware but considers itself as a data and software company because it believes not all types of non-adherence are the same. They aim at increasing their reach to millions of patients around the globe. The company has partnered with top pharmaceutical companies to provide these smart pill bottles to patients suffering from cancer, HIV, and hepatitis to name a few. AdhereTech’s smart pill bottles have reached thousands of people and has increased medical adherence by over 20 percent.

Josh leading AdhereTech towards Innovation and Prosperity

Under the perceptive leadership of Josh, the company is working with many of the largest healthcare companies in the US. Most importantly, they have created a technology that helps thousands and thousands of patients across the globe each day.



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