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KOMODO Technologies: Making Health Data Reliable, Accessible, and Cost-Effective for an Average Customer

Komodo Technologies Inc | Elvis Goren | Co-founder
Komodo Technologies Inc | Elvis Goren | Co-founder

Health is wealth and every aspect of health must be taken care of with utmost attention to detail. Best Health Wearable Service Providers offer the right technologies that enable a Healthy Lifestyle through the collection of intelligent data, that help in keeping track of day-to-day health practices and making the right decisions about your health. To attain excellence in this regard, require the intervention of boutique data science consultancies that use machine learning and advanced analytics to obtain rich data, and create new value from existing data such as is done at KOMODO Technologies.

As you know, it is no secret that consumers are growing more health-conscious by the day. They are interested in learning about the relationship of basic things such as their choice of food, number of steps taken, calories consumed, or sleep cycle with their physical and emotional well-being. In order to collect the right amount of data, and process them accurately to obtain the most effective results, they are adopting the idea of innovative tools such as wearable technologies, one of which is The AIO Smart Sleeve by KOMODO.

Wearable tech has been considered number 1 out of the top 20 worldwide fitness trends in 2019 and it continues to uphold that position. However, despite its growing reliance, they operate on limited themes such as motivation, accountability, and discretion. This makes one question—”How effective is it in determining individual health status?” Being unsure about the reliability of wearable tech, the medical community, on the other hand, often goes back to their traditional high-end technology such as blood pressure monitor and glucose monitors to identify and discuss symptoms; Despite the fact that the traditional tools have proven to be dependable over the years, these medical grade devices are—not only complex to use—but they also cost a fortune for various customers who seek high-level, more accurate and real-time detailed health data.

KOMODO Technologies aims to bridge the gap between affordability and reliability of health monitoring tech to improve customer satisfaction. Thus, the company offers a smart wearable compression sleeve that pairs (via Bluetooth) with a smartphone app. Unlike the traditional wearable tech that come equipped with low-quality optical sensors BPM that may not provide accurate information on the users’ heart health, the all-in-one (AIO) smart sleeve comprises a personal EKG monitor that captures electric signals and activity of the users’ heart rate variability (HRV). This way, they can detect stress levels, daily readiness, body recovery, body resiliency, internal health, and other related.

Ensuring that the health devices should be made available to all, Elvis Goren, the Co-Founder and Vice President, has taken a 360-degree approach in developing the AIO smart sleeve. Whether the user is a doctor, clinic, sports team, coach, or patient, they get the best EKG monitor, app, and health dashboard. Some of the areas that the technology interacts with are as follows:

  • Activity Intensity
  • Food Sensitivity ·
  • Sleep Analysis
  • Stress Level
  • SPO2
  • Alcohol Reactivity
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
  • Recovery

Let’s learn more about KOMODO’s smart technology that makes it the best wearable tech in the consumer market.

Venturing into the Health Wearable Industry

KOMODO Technology’s Co-Founder and Vice-President, Elvis comes from a family who immigrated to Canada when he was ten years old, in pursuit of a better life. Growing up, what led Elvis to venture into the health wearable industry was a combination of his two big passions that developed in his early 20s. The first one is his love of sports (primarily basketball, and hockey), physical activity and human optimization. And the second is his fascination with consumer technology.

At that time, wearable tech at that time was very primitive and sometimes ineffective. There were amazing health tech tools out there but none were available in the consumer market. Thus, Elvis and his team wanted to change that and bring effective health monitoring to the average customers at a reasonable price.

In addition, Elvis also considers that his source of inspiration was Allen Iverson. He says, “The former 76ers star was one of the first to sport an arm compression sleeve on the court. As compression clothing became more ubiquitous in the active world, and me being a fan myself, it only made sense to create the AIO Smart Sleeve.” Since then, he believes that it is his job to promote the brilliant inventions of his team, to the world out there.

Mission, Vision, and Values Aligned to Cost-Effective Health Data

KOMODO’s mission, vision, and values are aligned with the belief that health devices shouldn’t cost a fortune. For instance, the American healthcare system is built to keep control in the hands of providers. And they are incentivised to keep patients coming back. But at the end of the day, healthy people don’t make anyone money.

Thus, the company is aiming to democratize health by providing state-of-art health products to everyday people. This specifically means the products’ ease of use, friendly interface, and cost-effective features enable the customers.

KOMODO’s Smart Product Comes with a Competitive Edge

KOMODO offers a smart wearable compression sleeve that pairs (via Bluetooth) to a smartphone app. The All-in-One (AIO) Smart Sleeve can monitor various important biomarkers: heart rate, ECG / EKG, heart rate variability, sleep analysis, activity intensity (MET), stress levels, and more. All data captured by the sleeve is immediately visible on the smartphone app. For trainers, clinics, researchers, employers, etc., the company has an online dashboard where all the data is securely transferred, so an admin can view multiple users on one screen.

This smart wearable sleeve is different unlike the market which is split into two tiers:

  • Motivational devices that offer little in terms of health data (step trackers, etc), and
  • High-end (medical grade) devices that cost a fortune, with insurance reimbursable and come with a monthly fee.

In this regard, KOMODO is the best solution for individuals to not only seek high-level health data at all times but also at a reasonable price.

Consumers Have Control Over Their Health

People are becoming wiser and are beginning to take their health into their own hands. With KOMODO’s modern tools like heart rate variability (HRV), users have a way to gain incredible insight into their internal health daily. Daily tracking gives them a much better indication of your overall health as compared to monthly or quarterly doctor visits.

Incorporating AI Function and Heart Rate Variability

KOMODO is constantly working on its AI function and is extracting more and more health data from the HRV to improve the user experience. For instance, depending on the user, HRV can detect if he or she has any particular food sensitivities, effects of alcohol and drugs on the body, and physical and mental stress levels.

Yearly improvements in KOMODO’s technology enable the team to build a more sophisticated health analytics system that gives its users better information on their internal health.

Ensuring a Reliable Service to the Customer

From the beginning, KOMODO’s incredibly talented IT team has built the backend for data storage. Thus, the company doesn’t have to rely on services like Amazon. It holds customer safety and security in high regard. “We are constantly improving our infrastructure to ensure data is encrypted and completely independent from the big tech grid,” adds Elvis.

The Importance of Following Personal Values

The budding enthusiasts who desire to venture into the health wearable industry, Elvis advises, “Don’t worry about the product being perfect in the beginning. If your concept is good, people will see its value and believe it. Then perfect it along the way. This is how Apple was born.”

Looking Ahead in 2023

KOMODO is currently involved in developing a corporate wellness solution that will be focused on health biometrics. It is working on equipping police departments, first responders, firefighters, and the military with health diagnostics to reduce harm and casualties. It is also equipping companies with the tool to monitor their most important input: human capital.

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