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X-trodes: Understanding & Predicting Human Body Through Self-Test Skin Electrophysiology Technology

X-trodes | Ziv Peremen | CEO
X-trodes | Ziv Peremen | CEO

Long gone are the days when you have to worry about hospitalization or a heavy bill of medical expenses. When it comes to health, consumers are more in control today, thanks to the adaptation of digital technology. Instead of waiting for the doctor to reveal any unexpected health-related news, consumers could simply keep track of and measure their health through wearable devices that can diagnose illnesses at the earlier stages. This way, not only the costs, time, and complexity of health measures are saved, but also the quality of life could be improved.

In such arena, X-trodes is a distinctive biotechnology company that is driven by a passion for improving quality of life. It achieves this objective with the help of its world’s first wireless, flexible, ultra-soft dry multi-electrode patch array system, which could understand, predict, and improve the body’s electrophysiological outcomes better than ever before. The company’s X-trodes methodology is based on innovative flexible sensors, a miniaturized high-end, low-noise Bluetooth amplifier, and cloud-based artificial intelligence analysis, that can be easily accessible via PC, tablet or smartphone.

This smart wireless device can perform the functions that are as follows:

  • Health: Medical grade electrophysiology system for multi home applications like diagnosis and monitoring of sleep disorders, cardiovascular disease, epilepsy, and many others.
  • Research: Expand the physiology, cognitive and emotional research beyond the limit of the lab.

In an interview with Insights Care, Ziv Peremen, the CEO talks about the company’s wireless technology that will highly contribute to the consumers’ quality of life in the near future.

Following are the excerpts from the interview: 

Kindly tell us the source of inspiration. What led you to venture into the health wearable Industry?

The source of inspiration for X-trodes was to provide innovative and reliable health wearables that can help people take control of their health and personal wellness. We wanted to create a platform that could bridge the gap between the healthcare industry and the consumer, and make it easier for people to access and use health monitoring technology in their own homes.

Brief us about yourself and shed some light on your role and responsibility at the company.

As the CEO, my responsibilities are to strategically lead and manage the company, provide direction to the executive team and develop a plan for the future of the business. I oversee the daily operations of the organization, analyze metrics and financial data, and develop strategies for growth and profitability. Additionally, I am responsible for maintaining strong relationships with key stakeholders, customers, and partners.

What are the mission, vision, and values shared by the company?

Our vision is to improve health and well-being through unique data at a global scale. Our goal is to Enable the next generation of electrophysiology – medical grade quality and consumer usability in a natural environment. Our values include Teamwork, Accountability, Customer Priority, World experts, Agility and to enjoy the process.

Brief us about the rising need for health wearables in the modern era. How will it impact the way patients perceive their health and personal wellness?

The rising need for home health wearables in the modern era is due to the urgent need to reduce hospitalization costs, improve accessibility and improve the efficiency of the current health process. Wearables allow patients to track their health at home in real-time and provide their physicians with a more detailed picture of their health. These wearables also provide to get beyond diagnosis into treatment management and prevention.

What specific R&D operations is your company leading at present? Why do you find them essential in developing or improving healthcare solutions?

X-trodes is currently leading research and development operations in the areas of new sensors, automatic analytic layer and user experience design to make our home solution friendly and easy to use.

What technological advances is your company’s wearable incorporating to make it a smart product for a healthy lifestyle?

Our main challenge is to generate a high-quality signal in at natural environment. This requires solutions in many different layers of the product, from the sensors to the electronics and even the analytics.

What endeavours is the company currently pursuing to improve its service measures for the clients?

We are working on a new phono app that will reduce the need for technicians for recording, we upgrade the cloud interface, and improve the sensors attachment process.

What advice would you like to give to budding entrepreneurs and enthusiasts who desire to venture into the health wearable Industry? 

Understand the physician flow, the patients flow and the reimbursement structure.

How do you envision scaling the company’s services and operations in 2023 and beyond? 

We are waiting for an FDA clearance which allows us to launch our clinical product. Until we get the FDA the company gave access to researchers and clinicians to buy the system for research purposes and expand the current studies beyond the labs. The system is available either directly from our website or through our distributor – Emotiv

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