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Medcloud: Centralizing Data for Decentralizing Care

Dimas Francisco Silva Jr | CEO | Medcloud | Insights Care

Technologies like Cloud and I.A has been determining the future of almost all the industries and the diagnostic solution industry isn’t different. The big volume of data, the instant access of information and the constant increase of computation power has enabled a new era for I.A in Healthcare. One such eminent company that has integrated these technologies in its functioning is Medcloud. Cloud and I.A is a natural move for Medcloud. Headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil, with its operation center in Rio de Janeiro, Medcloud was established in the year 2012.

PACS and medical systems imaging has been pretty much the same for the past 25 years. Interoperability issues, high costs, and a lack of understanding about the role of the patient in a diagnosis context. These points have defined limits for the patient-doctor relationship and barriers for radiology workflows. Medcloud is committed to revolutionize that through a care-coordination solution that improves workflows for providers and integrates doctors and patients to a better care. As diagnosis has been a part of the patient journey, it is working on empowering millions of lives through a worldwide imaging center cloud platform.

The Unique Products and Services Offered

For imaging centers, Medcloud is a patient-centered platform for diagnosis, focused on simplifying test management in all its phases. Unlike other medical imaging solutions, Medcloud offers customizable and integrated solutions for any kind of medical tests, combining in a single application all the required tools for diagnostic teams and a mobile way to share the test results. Using its patient-doctor portal, patients can listen to the voice of a radiologist explaining test results in simple terms, keeping medical history centralized and sharable. The company has developed a cloud platform solution for tests and medical reports. Some of the features of this platform are:

  • Send or receive tests from any location easily, storing them fulltime withautomated backup routines
  • Access tests, anytime, anywhere, through a flexible management and reportingtool
  • Share tests with patients and doctors, engaging them through a modern patientportal and App

The benefits of this technology can be found not only in the optimization of clinical workflow but also by providing a secure, reliable and uncomplicated way patients can access their test results and share with their doctors. The business model used by the company is SaaS having the diagnosis clinics as their main clients. As the solution is almost plug and play, the laboratories and diagnosis clinics can have a very fast tool to enhance service and provide a closer care of their patients, while at the same time reducing costs. “We’re delighted to see day by day a large number of healthcare companies experience a more secure and intelligent way to manage, store and share clinical data,” says the CEO.

Furthermore, the platform can be used as healthcare marketplace and for that the company is currently working in two new developments:

Clinical trials – MedCloud empowers patients to have access to the information in tests. The system can be transformed into a platform to gather information for clinical trials. Patients can easily decide whether to grant access to the results of their test in exchange of financial compensation for the use of this information in clinical trials. It is a direct channel to valuable information that can help many studies.

Medical Labor marketplace – Diagnosis clinics and laboratories can use the platform to hire remote skilled medical labor to work on tests and diagnosis. Also, thanks to the large volume of information and approaches of Data Science and Big Data, Medcloud provides trivial means of research and scientific analysis for the sake of good health.

Medcloud respects the privacy of patient data and has ways of using clinical, demographic and statistical data in the prevention of diseases and monitoring of chronic patients. Besides that, Medcloud has its own I.A engine in order to help radiologist on their daily basis workflow.

The Medcloud App

Medcloud’s App is aimed to provide patients with the best experience in accessing and sharing exams as well as to bring them benefits with a new digital experience, such as:

  • Accessing all exams in real time, anytime, anywhere
  • Keeping medical history centralized. It can be shared with a new doctor whennecessary
  • Digitally interacting with a specialist in a virtual pre-appointment
  • Listening to the voice of a diagnostician explaining test results in simple terms
  • Full-time storage of any type of exams
  • Easy re-appointments and improvement of the Doctor-Patient relationship

By prioritizing the patient at the center of all processes, clinics adopt a loyalty approach, creating a digital interface for the engagement of patients and health professionals. Medcloud can be integrated with any equipment, software or medical device and drastically reduces the use of printed media by the clinics, favoring the environment with the digital sharing of diagnostics.

The Passionate Leadership

Medcloud was founded by Dimas Francisco Silva Jr. who is currently the CEO. Dimas is passionate about great products, teams, and patient experience. He thinks that great products are like a good music.

Speaking highly of this team he asserts, “It’s an easy and lovely experience and doesn’t need any previous instruction in order to enjoy it. In order to enable great products, he thinks that only a good orchestration process and a team could deliver such level of quality. In other words, only a good orchestra could provide a good concert. Only a compromised and devoted team could create a winner service.”

Notable Awards and Accreditations

Medcloud has received the following awards over the last years:

  • Brazilian Pharma Solutions @ Biominas Brasil 20181st place in the Mapping of Innovations carried out by Apex-Brasil, Abiquifi andBiominas Brazil.
  • ‘​Frost & Sullivan’s # 1 Cloud-Based Medical Solution in Latin America,​’ 2016 Best Practices Award, more than an award, this title was a confirmation that Medcloud has been on the right track to achieve its moonshots.

Also, Medcloud is the only 100% Cloud Platform in the market with ANVISA and HIPAA compliance accreditation. The Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (ANVISA) is an autarchy linked to the Ministry of Health; this is huge and very important for Medcloud’s clients. More than offering a great product, the company aims to provide a safe place to store PHI (Personal Healthcare Information).

Bright Future of Medcloud

Medcloud had an exponential growth in the past year. The company is already operating in 19 states inside Brazil, and has special projects in Uruguay, Chile and USA. With that vision, Medcloud has created a new class of products and services. “I.A and Cloud is a natural and required move for ALL diagnostic centers, clinics and hospitals around the world,” says Dimas.

Its desire to conquer the international market has been influenced by its minority partner; an investment fund from New York called Startup Health. Through Startup Health’s coaching and acceleration program, Medcloud managers had the opportunity to see that the innovation environment outside Brazil offers a wide range of possibilities. And the company is currently evaluating possible internationalization scenarios, like Europe, Africa and more countries and North and South America.

Also, Medcloud has been partnering with important Teleradiology and Telemedicine groups across South America, to offer their services in a more clinic-oriented way. The goal here is to enable diagnostic centers and hospitals to experience the Cloud and I.A services through a medical and service perspective, rather than a software experience.



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