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Nanoshell Company: Empowering Innovative and Practical Nanoparticle Solutions

Dr. Agnes Ostafin President Founder & Partner Nanoshell
Dr. Agnes Ostafin President Founder | Partner Nanoshell

Responsible development of nanotechnology is characterized by balancing of efforts to maximize the technology’s positive contributions and minimize its negative consequences. It implies a commitment to develop and utilize technology to meet the most pressing human and societal needs. Both applications and concepts have to be studied.

Nanoshell Company is a firm dedicated to R&D and manufacturing of multi-component nanoparticle materials. The company is driven by an experienced management team of entrepreneurial life science executives, bringing a powerful combination of leadership, scientific, technical, and clinical expertise.

Differentiating Character

The Salt Lake City, Utah, firm established in the year 2009, is setup with a goal to translate the potential benefits of nanotechnology into practical solutions for exigent needs in the biomedical, research and commercial arenas.

Some projects are client-driven, while others are in-house project with either commercial or human welfare focus. The team’s expertise is in developing nanotechnology based solutions. It engages in both short term custom product development through long term R&D contracts, transforming concepts from an idea to a product.

Innovators Making Nanoshell a Reality

Nanoshell Company is instituted by industry-experienced and internationally renowned experts. Dr. Agnes Ostafin, the President, Founder & Partner of Nanoshell possesses 25 years of experience in nano,  chemical and biological synthesis, characterization, spectroscopy, and technology development. Dr. Ostafin’s PhD thesis in Chemical Physics from the University of Minnesota provides strong basis for Nanoshell Company. She also has earned an MS in Engineering Management from Drexel University.


Co-Founder & Partner of the firm Dr. Hiroshi Mizukami. Dr. Hiroshi’s 35 years of expertise spans a number of therapeutic areas including biological physics, blood chemistry, nanotechnology and device development.

Nanoshell Company establish several industry partnerships to co-create unique nanomaterials ready for integration into new products including food packaging, nutraceuticals, personal care, and supplements. They advanced their own pipeline in manufacturing nanomaterials actively partnering with MAOLI CARE™ and WHITE BUFFALO COSMETICS, LLC, among others.

Rationally Designed Products

One of the exemplary products that the company has developed is a nanoparticle-based extracorporeal blood purification system that is capable of removing selected molecules, cells, toxins from the blood. While dialysis is an excellent means of purifying small molecules from the blood, this technology targets larger, more complex molecules and structures often associated with disease states or poisoning.

Diseases like hemolytic anemias, cancer, sepsis, drug malabsorption syndrome, and others are particularly difficult in less developed nations. This highly efficient and relatively low-cost technology can be a game changer for human health in these areas. The nanotechnology part of the system are custom-made particulars  and remains outside the body, reducing the chance of side effects.

A specially designed, 3-D printable, disposable reactor system and particle sequestration device has been designed to optimize the ability of the nanoparticle to capture and collect the accumulated toxins. A related system can be used in drug discovery, cell culture analysis, and other biomedical applications.

This work also led to the Intelligent Nano Delivery System  for Personal Care Products which targets important actives to skin and other epithelial tissues that can be readily implemented in personal care products.

The system has the ability to protect sensitive actives from chemical reaction and light degradation. It shows improved mixability of the actives in a variety of matrices, easier blending and convenient packaging. It is a disruptive technology that takes nanotechnology from an exotic method held by only highly technical firms into everyday consumer products.

Safe Nanomaterial Design

The Intelligent Nano Delivery System products whether for medical or consumer use are multicomponent nanoparticles that have improved stability, protection, delivery and potential for targeting. The components of the delivery system are found in the  FDA’s list of Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) materials or natural products with assured hundreds of years of safe usage by humans.

The team at Nanoshell claims that, transforming these compounds into a nanoform does not change the safety profile of the components. Instead, is maximizes the ability to perform the actions that well-established scientific research labs have shown under controlled conditions. It overcomes barriers and potential damaging interactions that would otherwise turn the active ingredients into ineffective chemicals.

Extending the Vision

For the immediate future,  Nanoshell Company is focusing on developing their medical and personal care products. In the future, the company has strategized to expand some of its technologies into solutions for cancer, environmental care and remediation.

Visit and explore more about Nanoshell Company or connect with  Dr. Agnes Ostafin or  Dr. Hiroshi Mizukami.



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