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OASIS HMIS– Delivering a Complete Package of Healthcare Management

Mr. Thamer Shaker, CEO, OASIS HMIS
Mr. Thamer Shaker | CEO | OASIS HMIS

Healthcare has always been one of the primary concerns for every individual. They focus on paying utmost attention to their health and well-being. Moreover, today’s age of cut-throat competition and technological innovations calls for everyone to stay at the top of their game and give their best performance. Accordingly, they demand for the best healthcare services in order to remain healthy and deliver their best. This is where the leading companies of the healthcare arena step in. They focus on attaining better health goals and make sure that no patient is denied of quality healthcare services.

One such torchbearer in the healthcare sector is OASIS HMIS. It is a Saudi Hospital Management Information System, which specializes in the operation and management of hospitals. The system was built for Al-Salamah hospital in mid-1990s. After selling the hospital to the Government of Saudi Arabia, the founder of the hospital Sheikh. Khalid bin Mahfouz established OASIS Company to become a part of Al Murjan Holding Group.

OASIS became one of the largest and most comprehensive systems for healthcare management in the Middle East, offering a wide range of clinical and non-clinical sub-systems. It can also run on a modular basis to suit the requirement of varying sizes of hospitals. Within a span of 24 years, it has established itself as one of the best and most powerful operating systems in the local and Gulf markets.

Percipient Leadership

OASIS is led by Mr. Thamer Shaker, the CEO of the company. He is a management professional, organization development, and business expert with more than 24 years of experience. One of the top-performing CEOs, he is leading strategic plans in change management and talent identification. Mr. Shaker has worked in several fields including initiating, planning, and leading to build and implement a significant organization growth plan, followed by an accurate execution.

He took over the position of CEO of OASIS in 2018. Mr. Shaker has successfully developed the new strategic objectives for the company. His expertise has transformed the current processes and operation into a modern management system. Under his leadership, OASIS has introduced five new products to be launched in the next five years, the first product is OASIS+

Emphasis on Attaining Excellence

OASIS believes in standing tall among the competition by providing the best services, while constantly improving itself. It remains constantly focused on HIS development. This enables OASIS to provide a better knowledge and communication value to the clients. Its strategy is applied to GCC, which helps it to attain expertise in the region.

OASIS Team states, “All customers have an expectation of great service and will not put up with waiting in long lines or receiving poor responses from representatives”. Accordingly, last year, it invested heavily on enhancing customer services by providing different communication channels and deep analysis for the SLA commitment. The company considers honesty as one of its primary policies. It is clear with its clients regarding plan scheduling and improvements, due dates, and product development roadmap.

OASIS continues to reinvent itself by adopting emerging technologies and introducing new processes, products, and solutions. Furthermore, it believes in giving back to the society and maintains a very good CSR program.

Delivering Superior Services

OASIS offers excellent hospital management services across 70+ hospitals in governmental, military, and private sectors. It is a distinguished Saudi Arabian company which adopts international quality standards taking into consideration the local needs. OASIS is a comprehensive system that provides solutions for managing all clinical and administrative activities in the hospitals such as the master patient index, electronic medical record, outpatient management, material management, billing , accounting, and so on, which transforms hospitals into a coherent and paper-less environment.

In addition, it enables hospitals to implement decision support solutions for physicians such as drug databases, and management decision support programs such as Oracle BI. The system also has a reliable record of providing connectivity with systems and devices such as the PACS System, laboratory analysis devices, and others creating an effective and coherent work environment with better information sharing.

OASIS also empowers patient engagement through the patient portal and mobile applications that allows patients to access and manage their medical data and bookings with ease.

Overcoming Various Challenges

The company states that customer expectations are always very high, and they are expecting the HIS not only to fulfill the gaps of required software, but also to provide solutions and enhance the business process. Accordingly, it is investing in the teams to provide them with the needed experience and knowledge to add real value to the customers’ process and increase the customers’ satisfaction.

It believes that market changes include transition to privatization and demand changes. OASIS enriches its product portfolio by adding new products such as OASIS Mini and Tele OASIS. These products aim to increase the market share of private sector and to facilitate access to the new sector of polyclinics and clinics, which was not available for OASIS products before.

Noteworthy Achievements

OASIS is renowned for offering its system across 75 hospitals in the region. The system is operational in more than 10,000 beds in the ministry of health with a market share of 18%. It is widely used in more than 25 private hospitals. Team OASIS is proud that a local company is functioning efficiently all over the kingdom. The system has been popular among senior manager and IT directors in the ministry of health for a decade. The company is a leading provider of HIMS in the region, and a strategic partner for the Ministry of Health.

Industry Outlook

The company states that the public healthcare sector in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) represents approximately 79% of bed capacity. It expects the private sector to grow at a faster pace than the government sector. “The Saudi government policy seems to be emerging as a regulator and facilitator encouraging the private sector to bridge the gap in the healthcare sector in the KSA”, states team OASIS.

It opines that the demand for private healthcare and the share of private sector has been increasing gradually. The company reckons that the public sector’s role is also gradually transitioning to become more of a regulator rather than as a provider of healthcare facilities.

OASIS Team further adds, “Increased demand for Healthcare Quality KSA’s healthcare facilities are observed to be accredited by JCI, HIMS and ACHSI. These accreditations are one of the key factors’ patients consider while choosing a healthcare facility, as these assure high quality of health standards, and OASIS launched OASIS Consultation to adapt with this demand”.

The company believes, “the changing age profile increases the demand of long term care/ rehabilitation, and encourage us to invest in software to serve elderly needs, due increase in prevalence of number of lifestyle diseases; diabetes, obesity, depression, strokes, cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure, etc”.

The Future Horizon

OASIS aims to expand its market share, target new market segment, and align with Vision 2030 to improve the quality and efficiency of health care services. In order to achieve its strategic objectives for the upcoming five years, the company is planning to provide a cloud HMIS solution for small hospitals, clinics, and polyclinics.

The cloud HMIS will be sustainable and affordable for this segment. In addition, the system will help care provider to make smarter decision, care plan, and resource planning. OASIS HMIS has integration with leading company to ease health care process such as Nuance voice recognition and Wolters drug interaction system.

Moreover, the company also intends to lead the market in the telemedicine arena. OASIS will launch a consultation services to help the clients and others to have an outstanding experience in the application of HMIS. Team OASIS states, “Investing in artificial intelligent and providing affordable solution to a segment that was neglected for a decade for sure will improve quality and efficiency of health care services in the region”.

Words of Advice

The company believes that healthcare is not an easy field to break into as an entrepreneur. Beyond the operations of business, one must attain knowledge about complex science and tech. It is of the opinion that this vast amount of complexities will be solved only by the power of simple ideas. “Believe in your ability to generate disruptive solutions. Start building today, and trust that your hard work will pay off in the future, because it will”, adds team OASIS. It advises young entrepreneurs to learn from efficient mentors, knowledgeable peers, and then give their best. Team OASIS emphasizes on Steve Job’s speech at Stanford: “you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards so you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future”.



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