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oladoc: Engineered a Groundbreaking ‘Hub’ to Bring Varied Healthcare Services to Consumers

Abid Zuberi | oladoc | Insights Care

Technology continues to save numerous lives in multiple ways. Everyone understands the impact of higher quality healthcare equipment that are improving diagnosis while advanced medical treatments supported by technology are assisting patients defeat deadly diseases effectively.  However, technology such as mobile data that has only now become pervasive in emerging markets is making even bigger contribution towards saving lives as it helps democratize information. Patients are now able to read about symptoms, treatment options, and have a more informed discussion with their doctors.

One such trailblazing company which is democratizing healthcare solutions in one of the emerging markets i.e. Pakistan is Founded in 2016, this Lahore based healthcare startup provides a leading-edge health-tech platform that solves all challenges that come across a typical patient life-cycle. It connects patients with the right doctors, delivers medicines to patient’s doorstep, offers a host of lab tests from the convenience of patient’s home, and provides high-quality health content and much more. For doctors, oladoc offers innovative practice management software that allows doctors to fully digitize their practices. Their practice management software is linked to oladoc’s appointment booking system and helps doctors to augment their practices as well.

Ingenious Leaders of oladoc

With the noble vision to improve the quality of healthcare in Pakistan, oladoc was incepted by two young and budding entrepreneurs Abid Zuberi (CEO) and Arif Zuberi (CTO). The duo believes in democratization of healthcare access and making the overall system efficient to improve the diagnoses, quality of care and ultimately save lives that are currently being lost due to lack of information and inefficient industry practices. “My aim is to leverage the mobile data (digital) revolution in Pakistan and enable every Pakistani the ability to access top doctors, maintain electronic records, obtain authentic medicines etc. right from their mobile phone,” asserts Abid.

Under the mentorship of this duo, oladoc has gained immense trust amongst the patients and doctors that too in a very shorter period of time. In 2017, oladoc assisted over 1 million Pakistanis to find doctors and specialists for their needs near them. The company has a robust network of more than 14,000 listed doctors across the top cities in Pakistan spanning over 50 specialties that allow patients to find the right doctor for their needs. There are over 1,000 doctors with whom patients can book a confirmed appointment from oladoc website and mobile apps. What started in 2016 as a band of 2 brothers has now transformed into an eminent institution with over 40 full time employees.

Extending Great Benefits to Patients (web and app) is a one stop solution for all consumer healthcare requirements. At oladoc, patients can:

  • Search required doctor through the gigantic database of qualified doctors for their medical need. Also, they can review feedback given by other patients, compare consultation fees, know more about the different services provided by the doctor and even schedule a confirmed appointment with them in a few clicks.
  • Order authentic medicines that are delivered at their door-step by simply uploading their prescription.
  • Order lab tests with free sample collection from their home or office. The patients are notified once the test reports are ready and can be accessed online.
  • Read a host of health content with pragmatic tips to improve quality of life and get smart about various health topics.
  • Store medical records at free of cost for lifetime, and share them with a doctor at the time of need. This is a one of its kind of service available in Pakistan.

Medical Practitioners too are getting Benefits

To empower doctors, oladoc offers myPractice app that makes it easier for them to keep their practice in their pockets 24×7 and access any patient record and details at the click of a button. oladoc’s myPractice app allows doctors to

  • Update their online profile conveniently so patients can be kept up to date about the latest procedures and treatments offered by the doctor.
  • Manage their schedule/calendar effectively to maximize time with patients and avoid over-booked /under-booked slots.
  • Store their patients’ medical records to improve quality of care on an ongoing basis irrespective of the location of the clinic/hospital where a patient meets the doctor as most doctors in Pakistan work across 2 to 3 different clinics/hospitals.

In addition, oladoc also offers Hospital & OPD Management Solutions that can digitize entire Hospital/Clinic with services such as In-Patient Management, Out-Patient Management, Pharmacy, Labs, Billing, and Accounts along with Online Appointment Booking & Online Profile Management for Doctors and Hospitals.

Future Endeavors

The mentors have plans to expand its services across the entire country and want expand its offerings to include services such as e-consultations to help the rural population of Pakistan who otherwise need to travel long distances to find a quality healthcare practitioner. “We are also upgrading our Electronic Medical Records functionality to make way for even better quality and more precise records. Also, entering new geographies in Asia and Africa is in our wish list,” concludes Abid.



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