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Sihatech: Emboldening the Connect between Doctors and Patients

Ahmed Al-Bader | Sihatech | Insights Care

As we all know, health of a nation is the wealth of a nation. Just as technology has transformed our everyday lives, it has played a pivotal role in transforming the diagnosis, treatment and especially management in the healthcare industry. Digitization has come bearing greater advantage for the doctors as well as patients. Various companies are looking at this as an opportunity and contributing to improve the healthcare domain for people.

One such leading digital healthcare company is Sihatech. It provides the first full-fledged smart app and website that specializes in documenting a patient’s thorough medical journey. It allows the patients to document their entire medical experience and medications as well as provides continuous controlled communication between the doctors and patients. Sihatech has combined the concepts of managing the medical journey and financing it. They provide first ever healthcare financing service to finance the non-insured medical treatments.

The History of Ideas and Developments

Initially started as a doctor-booking app, Sihatech soon realised that the journey of the patient is what matters and it is not given sufficient attention. Therefore, they have developed the idea of managing a patient’s journey and financial support into a complete concept. Guided by their vision of putting care back into healthcare, they developed an app focusing on the patient’s journey, documenting the patient’s data and brief history, post consultation, treatment, and medical knowledge. The app was designed to also provide the reminder of each medication’s time and type to the patient and allow interaction between the doctor and the patients for simple questions and appointment management.

Luminary Leaders of the Extraordinary Company

Ahmed Al-Bader, the Founder, and Dr. Mussaad Al-Razouki, the Co-Founder, each having 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry, have guided Sihatech to its glorious success. They have established and led Sihatech to be the third fastest growing Saudi Insurance and Technology Company. They are the significant brains behind the concept of grouping enhanced care delivery with technology. Under these two prominent and dynamic leaders, Sihatech has set various milestones, such as- it was selected by the WEF and IFC as one of the top 100 ventures shaping the 4th Industrial Revolution in MENA. Sihatech is also the proud winner of the ArabNet 2017 Startup Championship as the top venture from the MENA region.

Prime Products and Services

Sihatech provides a fully-developed smart app and website for patients’ journey management, finding the doctor, and communication. Jamalek, a finance service for patients, is provided by Sihatech which focuses on arranging finance for non-insured medical procedures.

Sihatech’s Role in Improving the Healthcare Industry

In the prevailing scenario of the digital healthcare management, numerous solutions are less interactive and some of them have limited the growth of some healthcare organizations. Amongst this, Sihatech’s services have radically changed the way of how the doctors and their patients view the healthcare sphere due to their non-intrusive interactive nature and provision of better understanding about the treatments to the patients. Due to the rating feature provided in the app, accountability at both the ends is improved as well as calendar-integration in the phones have increased the adherence. Sihatech has made financing attainable without coverage, which has helped in severe situations where payment-cycle was an obstacle. Sihatech is a standalone digital healthcare management app in the GCC that allows instant healthcare insurance eligibility check.

Sihatech’s Insight on Recent Technological Developments in Healthcare

Acknowledging the advancements brought by the new age of digital health, like online consulting, genetics and advanced diagnosis like IBM’s Watson, Sihatech talks about someday having a universal medical record with block-chain technology where the data will be most secured, but still be most shared and utilized to help the humanity. They are confident that the world of digital healthcare will change dramatically once the government in the GCC will change their approach towards class.

New Revolutionary Product Launches

Sihatech has invested in Sihatech V2.0, which is a completely redesigned app, incorporating new services, Jamalek and Salemtek, as well. Salemtek will be the first standalone portal in the GCC that is geared to deliver on-demand homecare and home-nursing services. By launching this service, Sihatech wants to mobilize the currently unemployed Saudi health-care workers as well. Many healthcare providers have already agreed with Sihatech to widen the scope of their home care services using the Salemtek portal. They believe that by introducing Salemtek, they will change the healthcare model from hospital centric to point-of-service centric, allowing healthcare facilities to save costs and serve a wider range of patients. They have also introduced their own ERP and sales team for 2018.

Optimistic About the Bright Future

Sihatech is positive about the advantages the new generation of tech-savvy healthcare workers, will bring to the company. They are very optimistic about the market trends in terms of digital healthcare. Sihatech promises a few major surprises to the healthcare market in the coming future.



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