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Marham – Sharing the Distress of those Fighting a Disease

Ehsan Imam | Marham | Insights Care

With the rapid advancements taking place in the field of technology, digitalization of healthcare is ought to be an inevitable outcome. In the last decade, healthcare has completely transformed the way it was perceived as a solution with technology being the core part now, however, in a country like Pakistan, the deliverance ratio of healthcare system remains a question but since the rise digital healthcare solutions, it has considerably changed. The disparities of healthcare industry can only be fulfilled by the digital healthcare solutions.

One such innovative healthcare service provider is Marham. It is currently the largest digital healthcare platform in Pakistan helping people to find, ask, and consult a doctor. An online tech based solution provider, Marham is providing services regarding the search of an authentic doctor, booking appointments online, online consultations, and medical tourism in Pakistan. They also provide practice and hospital management soft wares and other services to hospitals and doctors. The organization has helped more than 5 million people in Pakistan through its services.

Distinct Healthcare Services

Marham is a digital go-to platform for the ones in need of healthcare assistance providing a 360 degree healthcare solution to the people of Pakistan. They provide a wide array of services for hospitals, patients, and doctors. A variety of services that Marham offers include the following:

Marham for Patients:

  • Website/ Apps: Doctor’s Information Portal
  • Call Center/ Apps Appointment Booking Platform through which they can book doctor for any disease
  • Online Consultation from anywhere: Telemedicine Platform to get an expert opinion
  • Forum: Easily get an answer about their medical conditions
  • International Patients: Medical Tourism, complete solution for booking hospital, hotel, and transportation.
  • Social Platform: Online community to ask for suggestions.

Marham for Hospital & Doctors:

  • Patient Growth: Create awareness in masses about the services in a broader & authentic perspective and get new patient referrals.
  • Telemedicine: Increase patient reach beyond the boundaries.
  • Appointment Booking System: Manage daily schedule and effectively communicate with patients. Real-time reporting for administration
  • Medical Tourism: Generate International patients.
  • EMR: Paperless practice, creates patient’s health records, generates prescriptions and reduces per patient time with the help of technology.
  • Organizational Medical Partner: Give a better healthcare experience to the employees

An Arduous Journey to Glory

Choosing a doctor without much information is difficult in Pakistan. The healthcare platform started with a small community on Facebook where people could help each other with information about health facilities, doctors, and their reviews. Thousands of people started joining the community and began sharing the information with each other. Understanding the need, Marham thus extended its services to an active website and mobile apps, where patients could find complete doctors’ information, read reviews, and book appointments online every month. Not only this, but through telemedicine, now patients are consulting authentic doctors from their home.

Two years down the lane, today Marham has 15,000+ doctors on board, catering to 18 specialties and helping almost 10,000 people every day to book an appointment and answering their queries with authentic information from relevant doctors and surgeons. Adding value to user experience are services like online consultation, tele-consultation, second opinion, subsidized cosmetic deals, and services for international patients.

Insightful Leadership

Ehsan Imam is the Co-Founder of Marham. Being a software engineer and an IT industry veteran, Mr. Imam carries experience of working with fortune 50 companies.

Ehsan believes in working for a healthcare system which is patient-centralized and designed to help and serve people. He envisions a dignified, graceful and respectful life for patients and thus has committed himself to transforming healthcare in Pakistan by bringing in innovation and technology.

Together we can share the burden of those fighting a disease.” says Ehsan. He wants compassion and care for others to be the core values among his team as he believes in making Marham a product which serves people and the healthcare industry.

Embracing Innovation and Continuous Up-gradation

For any company which believes in serving humans, it is must to innovate and keep making new advancements and products for the well-being of people. Marham began with recognizing the need that there must be a platform which guides people to authentic doctors. Today, Marham is booking appointments online, online consultations and the team is working on the launches of video consultation software’s, online clinics prenatal health and child immunization.

In Pakistan, healthcare startups have started to come up the ranks; so Marham not only believes in changing the stereotypical tired trends but is also setting new trends for upcoming market players to follow. Marham wants transformation of healthcare system with an improved healthcare experience for patients. They are always keen towards a continuous up-gradation of their product, not only in terms of new technologies and innovation, but also in making it more and more servable.

Future Perspective

The company states that one should understand that it is the human beings, who orchestrate the future outcomes. They further add that if it comes to future of digital healthcare solution industry, they foresee it fulfilling the healthcare needs with conventional industry being cut off. Marham considers themselves as the key players in making this possible and thus will continue to strive for it.



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