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Kanteron Systems: An Incredible Precision Medicine and Diagnostic Platform

Jorge Cortell | Kanteron Systems | Insights Care

The ultimate aim of any healthcare solution is to identify and treat a disease before it shows any symptoms and determine the right medication for a particular person. Humans have a long way to reach there yet. Kanteron Systems is a leading biotech company, who brings us closer to this goal.

It is a privately held Healthcare IT-Biomedical Informatics Company that was founded in 2005. It helps healthcare providers to manage imaging and genomic data effectively, for precision medicine applications at the point of care. With offices and subsidiaries in London (UK), Madrid (Spain), and European HQ in Valencia (Spain), Kanteron System’s solution has already been deployed successfully over 500 times in 12 countries, even at some of the world’s largest healthcare networks.

Innovative Services that Revolutionized Healthcare Industry

To identify the source and type of disease in a human body, it requires a side-by-side study of various reports from many standalone systems like, PACS, VNA, digital pathology, analysis tools, and so on. Kanteron System allows integrating all these test results to facilitate precise diagnosis. Kanteron’s solution stores, integrates, analyzes, and visualizes medical imaging (radiology and pathology), biosensors, clinical genomics, and pharmacogenomics data.
It provides the healthcare professionals a technological platform to share test reports and images, check the patient’s medical history, and analyse which medications work effectively.

It has put forth a digital health solution that drives continuity of care, reduces gaps in care, and ensures early initiation of preventative care. Kanteron helps to improve health outcomes by enabling a seamless connection between disparate technologies.

It All Started with a Love Story

It sounds like a movie storyline, but Kanteron Systems actually did start with a love story. Jorge Cortell, the CEO and Founder of Kanteron, fell in love with a girl, who was a breast cancer patient. Going for the treatments along with her, Jorge saw the loopholes in the system and in the pursuit of saving the love of his life, he risked everything he had; he set to find a better solution for diagnosis and treatment for her and for many others like her. During this journey, he realized not just the potential, but the absolute necessity to integrate medical imaging with clinical genomics both in the patient’s medical record as well as for the doctor’s workflow. More importantly, he knew what was needed to be done in order to make it happen. Thinking way ahead of his competitors, Jorge built a phenomenal Precision Medicine Platform, Kanteron Systems.

A ‘No Investors’, Self-Sustaining Company

Kanteron Systems is self-funded company that has grown organically to the point where its bleeding-edge technology has, today, reached five continents. Although, being self-funded means bootstrapping: slow start and progressive growth, it also means mature. This has made the company experienced, self-reliant, always-improving product, and absolutely independent, something that their customers have really admired.

Outlining Current Digital Healthcare Solutions

With too many start-ups focused on problems that are too narrow to make a real difference and several large players reluctant to change the existing systems, Kanteron believes that it is necessary to destroy the barriers in healthcare solutions that many companies have been setting up for decades and there is a need to put the doctors and the patients first and foremost. Being a part of the healthcare industry, it realizes the need to make interoperability, innovation, and agility a priority. Jorge says, “The end goal should be to treat a disease before it shows any symptoms. We should aim for prevention, not cure. And the right technology can help us get there. But it will take much more than just technology: it will take will, education, political support, a generational change, and overcoming narrow-minded corporate greed.

Triumphing over their Challenges

The biggest challenge for Kanteron, as it is for all healthcare solutions, is to stay abreast of all new developments and technologies. Amusingly, that’s the favourite part of their job. Kanteron’s partnership with tech giants, like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, and Hitachi, gives it a unique perspective of new possibilities and latest as well as future technologies. At Kanteron, they dedicate a lot of time and resources in trying new ideas, implementing new technologies, and learning about everything and anything new. They are focused on their vision and their customers’ needs, and not on what others are doing or selling.

Dreaming Big about the Future

Jorge envisions a near future where ubiquitous sensors produce data that gets integrated, via the Kanteron’s platform, into a system that detects anomalies before they become a problem, a future that allows patients and doctors the freedom to use any cloud, program, and algorithm and having a best-of-breed arsenal of tools at their disposal, perfectly integrated into their workflow. He talks about a future where data is as transparent as algorithms. Open source and interoperability are a requirement in any enterprise purchase, so that all stakeholders can have the peace of mind by knowing that their data will never be taken hostage by any large Healthcare IT vendor. “It will feel like magic.” Jorge says. “That’s what our customers tell us. Because that near future is the present for some of us, and we want to make sure everyone participates in that future,” the CEO concludes.



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