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PTS Diagnostics Announces Full Program Availability for PreVantageTM

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Subscription-Based Solutions Assist Healthcare Industry with Maximizing Reimbursement 

Indianapolis – PTS Diagnostics, a U.S.-based manufacturer of point-of-care testing devices, announced today the full availability of the PreVantage population health program which includes product solutions and strategic partnerships.

We’re excited to evolve from a product-based organization into a turnkey solutions provider,” said Robert Huffstodt, President and CEO of PTS Diagnostics. “The PreVantage suite of solutions will help PTS Diagnostics deliver unprecedented value in regards to assisting providers with maximizing healthcare reimbursement in a value-based model while improving both patient and provider satisfaction, and ultimately achieving measurable improvements in overall population health.

This new brand is the culmination of extensive evidence-based research into the world of value-based incentivization and was developed to address the complex needs of multiple markets served by PTS Diagnostics.

PTS Diagnostics is uniquely positioned to deliver this program as our product solutions generate the data required to help systems achieve the mandates of the Quadruple Aim, while helping providers maximize reimbursement under MIPS Advanced Alternative Payment Models,” said Steve Riendeau, Chief Commercial Officer of PTS Diagnostics. “By combining our products with leading software solutions under the PreVantage umbrella, we are also helping providers accelerate initiatives such as remote patient monitoring and chronic disease management program implementation.

PreVantage is composed of the following elements:

PreVantageTM Product Solutions are customized into two separate medical device convenience kits.

The A1CNow®+ product solution contains the 10-count A1CNow+ professional system with lancets, a removable pouch for ancillary components, and a robust outer case for greater mobility, protection, and storage.

The CardioChek® Plus product solution contains a professional CardioChek Plus analyzer, PTS Panels® Lipid + eGLU Smart Bundle 2-pack, lancets, PTS CollectTM 40 μL capillary tubes, PTS Panels Multi-Chemistry Controls, a removable pouch for ancillary components, and a robust outer case for greater mobility, protection, and storage.

These solutions come with an extended service agreement and warranty, as well as a lifetime guarantee on the outer case itself. PreVantage Product Solutions have the potential for expansion and customization as we explore new partnerships within the healthcare industry which support the PreVantage mission.

PreVantage ConnectedCareTM, powered by Rimidi, is a population health chronic disease management solution, created by medical professionals, for medical professionals and patients. It unlocks the meaning in patient data, enabling personalized, focused, point-of-care solutions that can help improve outcomes, which is critical to provider reimbursement maximization. It works seamlessly into the physician or care team’s workflow and integrates directly with providers’ Electronic Health Records (EHRs), leveraging emerging industry standards like SMART on FHIR.

PreVantage ConnectedQCTM, powered by eTrueNorth, is a point-of-care focused quality control management solution which assists users of PTS Diagnostics product solutions in managing their QC requirements in a manner consistent with current regulatory standards. PreVantage customers are also granted preferred access to eTrueNorth’s eQC suite of policy and procedure and national and state regulatory requirement management programs.

PTS Connect® ScreenPro, powered by StatBridge, assists healthcare systems with managing population-based and employer health screening events while connecting PTS Diagnostics’ systems to data capture solutions.

PTS Connect® ProLink, powered by mHealthAlert, wirelessly receives and securely stores biometric data from various diagnostics devices and delivers a personalized wellness report.

PreVantage will continue to expand nationally as healthcare shifts from a fee-for-service model to value-based incentivization. The brand will also mature globally as PTS Diagnostics assists with meeting unique healthcare needs abroad.

Interested parties are encouraged to visit, reach out to PTS Diagnostics via phone at 877-870-5610, or email at for more information.

About PTS Diagnostics

Through its People, Technology and Service, PTS Diagnostics creates health innovation that drives action and results. Since 1992, we have helped medical professionals and patients achieve better health outcomes through our accurate, precise, fast, affordable, and certified point-ofcare medical devices. Healthcare professionals have used our CardioChek® products to assess cardiovascular disease risks for more than 140 million patients worldwide through lipid panel screening. And, our A1CNow® systems, which provide fast and reliable HbA1c testing, have helped physicians deliver more effective treatments to patients with diabetes. From our headquarters in the United States of America, we design, manufacture, and market our products to more than 130 countries around the globe. For more information, visit

About PreVantage

PreVantage™ is a network of products, strategies, and partnerships aimed at helping healthcare organizations meet rapidly changing industry and consumer demands. By connecting innovations in technology, healthcare delivery, and payment models, PreVantage helps healthcare providers improve efficiency, lower costs, and increase reimbursements while delivering better health outcomes. More information is available at

Press Contact: Ryan Simpson, Senior Marketing Associate, 317-870-5610



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