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Sandra’s Home Health Care Services Inc. Caring for You, Like Family

Sandra's Home Health Care Services Inc.
Sandra's Home Health Care Services Inc.

In the early years of her career as a PSW, Sandra witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by patients who required home care. She saw how many of her patients struggled not just with medical issues, but also with feelings of loneliness and isolation. Determined to make a difference, Sandra set out to create a home care company that would provide not just medical support, but also companionship and emotional care to patients in need. And thus, Sandra’s Home Health Care Services Inc. was born.

Today, Sandra’s Home Health Care Services Inc., is a leading provider of home care services, with a team of caregivers who are dedicated to addressing the emotional, physical, and social needs of its clients. The company’s innovative approach to home care and its commitment to improving the quality of life for its clients have earned it a reputation as one of the top providers in the industry. Under Sandra’s leadership, the company continues to grow and thrive, providing compassionate and personalized care to seniors and individuals with disabilities. 

In an interview with Insights Care, Sandra D’Alessandro, the Founder, reflects on the company’s commitment to providing personalized and compassionate care to its clients and highlights its focus on building strong relationships with patients and their families. She also speaks about the company’s origins as a home care provider founded by a PSW who was determined to make a difference in the lives of her patients. 

Following are the excerpts from the interview:

Kindly shed some light on Sandra’s Home Health Care Services Inc.

Sandra’s Home Health Care Services Inc (SHHC). has provided confidential, valuable home health support to the Niagara region since 2005. SHHC was founded on holistic care, a practice that allows the caregiver to focus on the mental, emotional, and physical needs of the client while providing support to the client’s family in their need.

Our reputation as a sophisticated, discreet and reliable care provider has earned us repeat clients and community referrals.

Kindly tell us your source of inspiration for venturing into the Home Care niche.

Sandra’s Home Health Care was founded in 2005. I, the founder, had previously been in several nursing homes as a PSW when I decided to begin offering private home health care services to a woman named Lois Murray.

I took care of Lois for three years until she died. When Lois died, she left me a business plan and start-up funds. Lois believed in the care I gave her and she wanted others in the community to benefit from the valuable care and support. I and the care team at SHHC continue to honor Lois’ wishes. Driven by compassion, I am proud to provide her clients with valuable support services that enable them to remain in their homes for as long as they wish.

I built SHHC around a model of personalized care that allows each client to be personalized with a caregiver who is able, willing and ready to care for their personal, physical, mental and emotional needs.

Kindly elaborate upon the services that you deliver at the organization. And how do they provide complete continuum home care solutions to the patients in need?

Sandra’s home hospital offers several care services that best meet your loved one’s needs. We want to focus more on our companion care service, which covers many aspects to help your loved one’s health. Companion care includes memory care, participation in meaningful activities, and respite care.

Memory care can sometimes be a difficult and frustrating time for both patient and caregiver. By memorializing and guiding loved ones, we approach memorial care with subtlety and kindness. This may include medication or date reminders. Our caring staff is trained and prepared to reduce restlessness and aggression when memory care is needed.

Mindful activity is the key to maintaining mental and physical well-being. In Sandra’s home care, our caregivers do activities that connect the patient both mentally and physically with his abilities. This engagement through activities helps stimulate their minds and promote their overall health. Respite care a help for family caregivers to take time for themselves. Especially in this day and age when mental health and burnout are common issues when caring for loved ones.

Let our certified caregivers help when needed, and you can rest easy knowing your loved one is well taken care of while you take care of your own health. In this case, part of this treatment includes help with booking an appointment. If you cannot attend your loved one’s appointment with them, our staff can be with them and provide you with important information.

Brief our audience about the team involved in ensuring high-quality and compassionate care to the clients.

Caregiver Cathy: Cathy has been a caregiver since 1995! In high school, her teacher told her that she would not be able to do the job, but she quickly picked up the clinical skills and has been a Caregiver ever since. Her advice is to have patience and enjoy your work; if you are sour, that may rub off on the client. One of her clients speaks Italian and despite Cathy not speaking it she feels comfortable with them and part of their family! Being able to be there for her client and listening to them is how she defines care.

Encouraging and guiding both the client and the family are a large portion of her success in the field. Some of her favorite activities include playing cards and learning more about her clients!

Caregiver Kerri: Kerri has been a caregiver since 2002, she has always enjoyed helping and caring for people! For her, care simply means empathy, kindness, and treating them like family. Kerri’s advice for future Caregivers is to make sure you are doing the job for the right reasons and have compassion.

Looking through photo albums is one of her favorite activities because she can learn more about her clients and connect with them! Her most recent fun moment with a client involved a water flosser and water going everywhere; they could not stop laughing and it made their day!

Please give us a few testimonials from your clients and awards or recognition that accurately highlight your position in the market.

Our reputation for top-of-the-line, discrete, and reliable care service has graced us with repeat customers and community referrals. At SHHC, we strive to provide adaptable and tailored services to suit all needs.

“We knew that the lines of communication were always open and this put us at ease. We were fortunate to have found the services of Sandra’s Home Health Care at a time when we were looking for the best care for Lucy. They were a ready, willing and able team, providing kindness and companionship to our mother. We were altered far in advance of any concerns as they arose. Their willingness to help at a moment’s notice was very reassuring to us as we were not living in the same city. Their approach was gentle. We have only praise for this expert team of health care workers and are grateful that Lucy was under their daily care.” -Mary Ann

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