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Self Care Catalysts: Transforming Healthcare through Real World Evidence and Experience

Grace Castillo-Soyao | Self Care Catalysts | Insights Care

Patients are the most vital part of any healthcare eco-system. Everything starts and ends with patients. When a healthcare solution provider keeps patient at the center of their operations, chances of better patient satisfaction augment significantly. Such providers believe when patients are informed, respected, and engaged, they make better choices for maintaining healthier lifestyle. One such trailblazing healthcare solution provider is Self Care Catalysts (SCC), which considers patient’s real world evidences/experiences are necessary for crafting cutting-edge healthcare solution.

This Toronto headquartered organization was founded in 2010 with the mission to promote self-care behaviors among patients, while enabling patients to contribute their behavioral data to support important research across the product lifecycle, such as drug discovery, precision medicine, and development of support services and programs that are specific to the community. Today, after a successful stint of several years in the business, Self Care Catalysts is leveraging its intimate understanding of patients in the market with its many state-of-the-art solutions. It is a cloud based solutions and analytics company powered by real world evidence to impact health decisions and outcomes of patients, physicians, providers, payer and pharmaceutical industry.

The organization’s vision is to contribute towards the improvements of healthcare eco-system that are driven by patient’s willingness to participate, share and own their data through research and behavior interventions. They are working towards the empowerment of patients through personalized and customized self-care tools like digital therapeutics that generate real world experiences and evidence to support better healthcare decision-making.

Journey towards Excellence

With the desire to craft an ecosystem that can set a landmark in the health journey of a patient, Self Care Catalysts was established. In a shorter span of time, it moved ahead with full vigor and collaborated among all stakeholders, be it patients, providers, pharmaceutical companies and doctors to seamlessly paint a full patient experience in order to manage better health outcomes.  They have built a SaaS that empowers physicians, researchers, providers to customize and personalize care for patients to generate real world, real time data.

The company understands the power of technology and thus always aims to be at the forefront of using leading-edge technology to craft better products. The company is aiming to extend personalized medicine to personalized healthcare through the application of AI, Behavior Science and BlockChain. Its endeavor is to build a new healthcare business model where patients, physicians, providers and industry are equal participants in research, care and healthy economic exchange.

Products and Services

They have multiple products and services that are widely popular in the healthcare sector and have won many accolades for the same as well. Some of its notable products are:

  • Health Storylines Creator is a customized and personalized platform that can be used for clinical research, patient monitoring, patient behavior modification, and patient support. It is a disease-agnostic, customized and personalized self-care and disease management product and tool to generate real world evidence.
  • Patient Storylines is an enterprise platform that can run various analytics required by Pharmaceutical industry, patients and physicians.

Health Storylines has been ranked #1 in motivating behavior change among heart failure patients by many eminent healthcare organizations.

New Product Innovation Award for North America, Frost & Sullivan (2016) award, Springboard Enterprises’ Life Sciences awards among others are few of the top notch accolades that Self Care Catalysts has earned with its sheer commitment towards designing efficient and deep impacting products.

Self Care Catalysts is known for building an eco-system that generates and interprets real world patient experiences outside the traditional clinical labs or genomics data to complete the entire patient journey. And its eco-system is bringing positive transformational changes towards drug development, clinical research, product commercialization, post marketing, patient monitoring, behavior care and population health management.

Patients are the Most Significant Stakeholders

The management has nurtured a robust company culture where the vital traits like resilience and risk taking attitude are always encouraged. For them, bigger the challenge is, more bigger is the opportunity. They never bog down with challenges rather turn them into an opportunity to grow further. Their ability to forecast changes in industry and mitigate risks are deeply rooted on their culture which always assists them to turn out with more shine even after facing a catastrophe like situation.

The company is strengthening its data collection and analytics tools but most importantly, they treat the patients as the most significant stakeholder whose needs to improve outcomes and quality of life are addressed by leveraging continuous collection and interpretation of real world experiences.

Judicious Leadership

Over the years, Grace Castillo-Soyao has taken various executive business and leadership programs from the Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto, the Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania and has a rich corporate experience of over 20 years in pharmaceutical vertical. She is the Founder and CEO of Self Care Catalysts and is driving this organization towards the path of glory with her astute business mind and adept leadership skills.

Grace considers herself a Citizen Scientist. For years, she had wondered how drugs are approved based on a narrow set of data and evidence and yet when patients experience illness and health in the real world, there are many other variables and factors that need to be factored. According to her, big decisions related to healthcare are shaped mostly by data locked inside clinics and labs, despite the fact that 90% of care happens outside the clinical setting. She believes there are enormous types, format range of patient data that can be gleaned from actual patient experiences when they are not inside the physician clinics. Therefore, to put patients at the forefront of any healthcare development, she established Self Care Catalysts.

In 2014, Grace transformed a patient research company into a digital health and data company, building an eco-system that finally connects various healthcare stakeholders to begin generation of real world patient experiences that will drive innovation in clinical research, drug development, commercialization, patient engagement and behavior change.

Take on Digital Healthcare Industry

According to the organization, technology will continue to play a pivotal role in the healthcare industry. Digital healthcare will redefine patient diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment activities. Traditional hospital will become obsolete and digital therapeutics; digital patient care will become the booming trend in up-coming future. This digital transformation will assist medical professionals in generating greater revenues, cost-reduction, enhanced operational efficiency, and better drug regulation. Everyone, from patient, physician to provider will get benefited with the progression of digital revolution.

Future Endeavors

Self Care Catalysts has an endeavor to be part of this revolution by catering to varied client needs through its cutting-edge healthcare eco-system. Ultimately, they want to upgrade a business model where physician, patient participation, data ownership and sharing could drive personalized and customized healthcare for all.



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