The 10 Best Revenue Cycle Management Solution Providers 2018

ImagineSoftware: Continuous Innovation for Best-in-Class Revenue Cycle Solutions
Revenue cycle management possesses the potential to financially make or break healthcare organizations. In addition to ever-changing policies and regulations, effective billing and collection processes are becoming more important than ever for medical billing companies, practices, and hospitals to stay...

Issue Profile

Edgars Edz Sturans | CEO | BillingTree CareView | Avant-Garde Solutions | Insights Care
BillingTree: Enhancing the Patient Payment Process with Avant-Garde Solutions
The landscape of healthcare is changing, and for better. The term- ‘Positive Disruptive Innovation’ has...
Chetan Parikh | CEO | ezDI | Insights Care
ezDI: Making Data Management Intelligent
Majority of the people look for an ‘order’ in everything. Same is the case with ‘data’. We look for B...
Giri Rajan | Founder & CEO | Intuit Micro Technology | Insights Care
Intuit Micro: Offering State-of-the-art Software Solutions to Improve Patient Care
Started in 2005 as a value-added distribution company, Intuit Micro Technology, LLC has now grown into...


Jeff Mongelli | Founder & CEO | Acentec | Medical Device Industry | Insights Care
How Today’s Environment is Reshaping the Medical Device Industry
During a recent trip to the doctor’s office, other than the nurse using two fingers on my wrist and a...

Company of the Month

Richard Atkin | CEO | Greenway Health | Insights Care
Greenway Health: Expanding Possibilities in Healthcare with Leading-Edge Technology Solutions and Services
The consumerization of healthcare is dramatically changing the equation for providers. Competitive pressure...