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The world is embracing digitalization at a rapid pace and the global healthcare industry is not an exception. Patient care is made better, disruptive innovations have engulfed the industry and there’s a lot more development going on, in and around healthcare. Along with focusing on improving and personalizing the care, the healthcare providers need to focus on remaining financially fit …..

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Technology and Innovation Ushering in a Healthcare Renaissance

The revenue cycle in healthcare has been following the fee-for-service reimbursement strategy for a long time now. According to various healthcare experts, this process has proven to be very time-consuming. Patients are paying more for the out-of-the-pocket services, which are not very beneficial, and opting less for the necessary services. All of these concerns call out for a change in the existing revenue cycle management system. This is where the value-based care reimbursement strategy comes in…….

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“We are committed to bring innovative development and intuitive revenue cycle management solutions”

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ImagineSoftware: Continuous Innovation for Best-in-Class Revenue Cycle Solutions

Revenue cycle management possesses the potential to financially make or break healthcare organizations. In addition to ever-changing policies and regulations, effective billing and collection processes are becoming more important than ever for medical billing companies, practices, and hospitals to stay afloat. Designed as a complete medical billing solution, ImagineSoftware offers the technology needed to capitalize on collections throughout the lifecycle of a medical claim. The company is reinventing revenue cycle management to create a more streamlined and patient-centered experience..

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Greenway Health: Expanding Possibilities in Healthcare with Leading-Edge Technology Solutions and Services

The consumerization of healthcare is dramatically changing the equation….

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The 10 Best Revenue Cycle Management Solution Providers 2018

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