The 10 Eminent Leaders in Healthcare For 2020

Dr. Stefan Schreier: Innovating Liquid Biopsy
Cancer Care has become a major industry with a three-digit billion dollar market size wherein big pharma and medical companies are on top. Despite all good efforts, cancer diseases are detected too late in patients and remain incurable. Good diagnostics with respect to early detection and correct stratification...

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Liz Ashall Payne
Liz Ashall Payne: Leading the way to Demystify the Healthcare App Market
On average, adults spend around two-to-four hours on their smartphones in a day. These devices in our...
Kai Eberhardt
Kai Eberhardt: Digitizing Healthcare with Results
Technology is reshaping the dynamics of the entire world including healthcare. Today, due to advancements...
Magnus Liungman | Health-Tech
Magnus Liungman: An Embodiment of Perseverance and Innovation in Health-Tech
Among all the traits and abilities that can lead one to success, passion stands atop. Unlike other factors...
Dr. rer. Nat. Markus Dahlem | Executive Director & Co-Founder | Newsenselab
Markus Dahlem: Helping Migraine Patients to Live Carefree
Migraine is a prime example of a general class of chronic diseases. These are diseases that begin early...


Christine Peine | Rheumatic Disease
Solving Rheumatic Disease Challenges: Personalized Digital Therapeutics
Waking up with swollen and stiff joints, experiencing painful sensations all day long, being restricted...

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Timothe Laforest
Timothe Laforest: Eyeing to Develop Ophthalmology at a Cellular Level
More than 200 million people worldwide are affected by blindness and severe vision impairment consecutive...
Carsten Mahrenholz
Carsten Mahrenholz: Revolutionizing Healthcare Space through Innovative Medical Devices
Since a very young age, all of us have been acquainted with the art of science and fiction. From RoboCop...
Claudiu Leverenz, the CEO of Munevo
Claudiu Leverenz: A Compassionate Personality Helping the Differently Abled Live a Normal Life
Today, there are many inspirational leaders who are changing the world through their vision. However,...