The 10 Fastest Growing Healthcare Solution Providers 2018

Navia Life Care: Driving Healthcare Providers Forward Through Innovative Technologies
Technology has the potential to change the landscape of healthcare services if utilized innovatively. AI, Robotics, and Big Data have already made big inroads in the healthcare vertical. In-fact healthcare providers need a solution that can move their businesses in a positive curve. New Delhi-based Navia...

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Pavan Mocherla | Managing Director | Becton Dickinson & Company | Insights Care
Becton Dickinson: Expanding Horizons with over a Century Old Experience
Founded in 1897, Becton Dickinson is a New Jersey based medical technology company that manufactures...
Rahul Shukla | COO | Ashish Bhatia | CEO | LabsAdvisor Healthcare | Insights Care
LabsAdvisor: An ‘Honest’ Healthcare Provider among the Contemporaries
Lab Diagnosis is a vital and inevitable part of a patient’s healing journey. Patients’ look at a diagnostic...
Mr. Yusuf Hamzabhai Chimthanawala | Director | Mayon's Pharmaceutical | Insights Care
Mayon’s Pharmaceutical— A One Stop Natural Solution for Health & Skin Care
The Indian healthcare sector has made phenomenal progress in the last few years, making its presence...
Dr. Mallika Kapur Singh | CEO & Head Product | NexGen eSolutions | Healthcare | Insights Care
NextGen eSolutions—Renovating Healthcare with Innovation & Technology
The Health IT industry in India is dominated by a combination of small local shops and large players....


Ashvini Danigond | Executive Director & CEO | Manorama Infosolutions | Healthcare | Insights Care
Technology Trends in Healthcare
In the last few years, we have seen many technology trends emerging and finding a rewarding acceptance...

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Dr. Vahini Reddy | Founder & Director | Evolve ExcellenceTM | Present & Future Goals | Insights Care
Evolve Excellence: Unleashing Limitless Possibilities for Present & Future Goals
Evolve ExcellenceTM provides wide-ranging executive recruitment, human resources management services,...

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Logo Image-2 | Fastest Growing Healthcare | Insights Care
The Brisk Pace of Healthcare in India
Healthcare has grown into one of India’s major sectors – both in terms of revenue it generates...