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The Brisk Pace of Healthcare in India

Healthcare has grown into one of India’s major sectors – both in terms of revenue it generates and employment prospects it makes available. Healthcare encompasses hospitals, clinical trials, medical devices, telemedicine, medical tourism, outsourcing, health insurance, medical equipment, and practice management. The Indian healthcare industry is growing at a brisk pace. Due to its consolidation coverage, services and growing expenditure by public as well private players…..
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Decoding DNA to Unveil Precision Medicine

It’s hard to lay it on with a trowel how much healthcare will change over the next ten-twenty years due to developments in technology. With progress in genetics, imaging, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics, we are now reaching a very critical stage. Naturally, targeted therapies are now become very common. Medical innovations are ushering a new epoch of precision medicine and patient-tailored therapies. Precision medicine is the new buzz word that is quiet frequently heard now days. It is a concept that has developed due to the integration of technology with the day to day practices of the healthcare vertical……
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Patients are the epicenter of our every maneuver.

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Navia Life Care: Driving Healthcare Providers Forward Through Innovative Technologies

Technology has the potential to change the landscape of healthcare services if utilized innovatively. AI, Robotics, and Big Data have already made big inroads in the healthcare vertical. In-fact healthcare providers need a solution that can move their businesses in a positive curve. New Delhi-based Navia Life Care is one of the frontrunners when it comes to innovation and disruption. Its mission is to empower healthcare providers all over the world through digital tools for effective patient and provider engagement.

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