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The Personalized Future of Healthcare

Today, patients are far too occupied to have time to wait around for the services that they don’t need. Thanks to the digital transformation, with the growth of data and technology, service providers can offer personalized healthcare experience to their customers. This metamorphosis, that the industry is experiencing, marks the future of healthcare. Patient experience is no more confined inside the clinical walls; one can have access to these from anywhere. Alongside, having hands on the vast data, the care providers can check the patients’ preferences and customize the experience for every patient, individually. As the whole concept of patient personalization will not only make everything easy, but also more effective, the focus on patient engagement is only expected to grow further…….

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Patient Engagement and Technology: A Superlative Fusion Elevating Healthcare Space

The term ‘Patient Engagement’ has been rapidly emerging and it is today’s buzzword in the healthcare industry. With its impeccable evolution, it has thrown a long lasting impact on the reviewers, who state that, “No other initiative will have such impact on improving the quality patient care and reducing healthcare costs”. For years, marketers have been looking for new strategies to engage the customer, create recovering experiences, and reinforce brand relationships, all of them aimed at improving outcomes….

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“Encouraging patient engagement is a crucial step on the path to measurable improvements in population health.”

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Greenway Health: Providing Innovative Tools that Offer Patients Greater Access to their Health Information

In today’s digital world, patients want access to their health data, test results and providers instantly. Emerging tools, such as patient portals and secure messaging, offer them greater access to their health information, which has the potential to encourage engagement with their physicians more frequently for better health. One company leading the charge in providing medical practices with these cutting-edge solutions is Greenway Health,,….

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The 10 Leading Patient Engagement Solution Providers in 2018

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