The 10 Most Innovative Medical Devices Companies 2018

Group K Diagnostics: Transforming Patient Care with Accurate, Fast, & Affordable Diagnostics
The clinical decision making process is affected by a series of sequential steps; lab testing being one of the most vital ones. In spite of this, providers are struggling to effectively receive and manage lab test results, with a significant lag between patient appointments and results. During her time...

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Pierre Frouin | BioSerenity | Insights Care
BioSerenity: Technology at the Service of Healthcare
The rise in the global population has triggered an increase in healthcare costs and a number of unmet...
Mahesh Galgalikar | Founder & CEO | Misceo | Telemedicine Technology | Insights Care
Misceo Grand Technology: Ushering towards the Next Generation Telemedicine Technology
There is a growing demand for a system that can monitor all essential body vitals and activities of the...
Tejash Unadkat, Curt von Badinski | Motiv Inc | Wearable Devices | Insights Care
Motiv: Providing Subtle, Sleek & Sophisticated Wearable Devices
Form factor, durability, stylish design and the integration of leading-edge technology for precise data...
Manmeet Maggu, Rahul Udasi | CEO & Founder | Trexo Robotics | Pediatric Wearable Robotic Devices | Insights Care
Trexo Robotics: Delivering Futuristic & Innovative Pediatric Wearable Robotic Devices
Over the years, various solutions have come up to aid the differentially abled; but few were focused...
Nick Damiano | Co-Dounder & CEO | Zenflow I BPH | Insights Care
Zenflow: Driving the Future of BPH Relief with Innovative Solutions
Problem-solving has long been at the center of entrepreneurship. The right solutions bring in the right...


Dr. Enhao Gong | Founder | Subtle Medical | AI | Insights Care
AI Is Starting to Change Radiology, for Real
The AI transformation is remarkable for its speed. For example in conference such as RSNA (Radiology...

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Medical Devices | Insights Care
Revolutionary Medical Devices Transmuting the Healthcare Space
Medical devices play a decisive role in the healthcare industry. To carry out the smallest of tasks in...