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The 20 Most Influential Leaders in Healthcare 2018

James Paat: An Innovative Leader Stirring InXite towards becoming the Global Helm of Healthcare Industry
Leadership is finding your voice, inspiring others to find their voice, empowering people, and executing actions that make the world a better place. A great leader is the one who can view people as their true business partners, and not as their subordinates to be bossed around. The key to the leadership...

Issue Profile

Jorge Cortell | Kanteron System | Insights Care
Jorge Cortell: Pioneering Entrepreneur of the Healthcare Vertical
Exceptional leaders are hard to come by, but are easy to spot. They are the driving forces behind an...
Kate Mays, President | Healthcare IT | Insights Care
Kate Mays: An Archetype of Leading by Example
“A leader is someone that knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way,” are the thoughts of a woman...
Oleksii Vinogradov | HeartIn Inc | Insights Care
Oleksii Vinogradov: An Enthusiastic Industrialist leading HeartIn to the Pinnacle of Success
Dedication, perseverance, hard work, and a vision to succeed is what makes a leader ‘extraordinary’....
Asheesh Mehra | Co-Founder & Group CEO | AntWorks | Insights Care
Asheesh Mehra– A Dedicated Leader Driven to Ignite a Healthcare Revolution
An exceptional leader always showcases the kind of behavior that they would like to see their organization...
John Hervey | CEO | Cota Healthcare | Insights Care
John Hervey: An Epitome of Innovation and Courage
Effective leaders have strong organizational skills and the ability to prioritize — for themselves,...
Muhammad Waqas | CEO | WonderTree | Insights Care
Muhammad Waqas– Redefining Education and Therapy for Children with Special Needs
An ideal leader should have a strong resolve, sense of purpose, and direction. They should put the vision...
Richard low | Founder & CEO | Praxis EMR | Insights Care
Richard Low– A Dedicated and Diligent Entrepreneur Transforming Healthcare with Excellence
A great leader must inspire others and should have the ability to communicate their vision to others,...
Paragon Bioscience | Chirman & CEO | Paragon Bioscience | Insights Care
Jeff Aronin: An Innovative Entrepreneur Putting Patients First
Jeff Aronin can pinpoint the moment his personal journey in medicine began. Jeff, now the Chairman and...
Olga Grudniak | Biolumo | Insights Care
Olga Grudniak: Revolutionizing Healthcare by Embracing Innovation and Excellence
A successful leader is versatile and they lead people as well as help them to perform their tasks better....
Josh Stein | Co-founder & CEO | AdhereTech | Insights Care
Josh Stein: An Embodiment of Brilliance and Innovation in Healthcare
Exceptional leaders are persistent, hardworking, and have an indomitable will. They overcome all odds...
Susan DeCathelineau | Vice President | Global Healthcare Sales & Services | Insights Care
Susan DeCathelineau– A Compassionate and Committed Leader in Healthcare
An ideal leader should listen to others while making informed decisions. They should empower team members...


Chocko Valliappa | Founder & CEO | Vee Technologies | Insights Care
Recent Trends in Healthcare
Healthcare industry is today the biggest and most challenging component of a service industry, is the...

CEO of the Month

Larry Gerrans | Sanovas | Insights Care
Larry Gerrans– A Pioneer in Healthcare and an Avid Leader
Exceptional leaders are driven by the vision to succeed. They inspire and lead by example. They aim at...