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Exploring the Foremost Leaders of the Healthcare Vertical

Altruistic healthcare leaders are the ones who have a strong sense of responsibility towards the development of healthcare sector. These leaders are good communicators; they consider patient service as their primary responsibility. They understand and feel the pain of underprivileged patients. They believe in serving the society by providing affordable, subsidized, and at times, free healthcare services to the ones in need. Such healthcare leaders are competent professionals who treat patients……
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Technology and Innovation Ushering in a Healthcare Renaissance

The advent of latest innovative technologies has introduced numerous developments in different industries around us. From textile, transportation, entertainment, to education, every industry has been greatly benefited by technological innovations. The healthcare industry is not far behind in incorporating cutting-edge technologies. They are constantly working to revolutionize the industry. Latest gadgets and soft wares are increasingly making their way into the healthcare vertical, in turn, upgrading various… ………….
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We connect all healthcare stakeholders to improve health outcomes, enhance patient satisfaction, and control healthcare costs; by providing advance Patient-Centered-Care.

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James Paat: An Innovative Leader Stirring InXite towards becoming the Global Helm of Healthcare Industry

Leadership is finding your voice, inspiring others to find their voice, empowering people, and executing actions that make the world a better place. A great leader is the one who can view people as their true business partners, and not as their subordinates to be bossed around. The key to the leadership that empowers is ‘trust.’ “A leader needs to have the ability to earn trust from customers, partners, peers, influencers, management team and employees,” .…..
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Larry Gerrans | Sanovas | Insights Care

Larry Gerrans– A Pioneer in Healthcare and an Avid Leader

Exceptional leaders are driven by the vision to succeed. They inspire and lead by example. They aim at achieving the results by overcoming …….
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The 20 Most Influential Leaders in Healthcare 2018

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