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The Language Doctors launches Connected Care© – 24/7/365 On-Demand Interpreting Platform with Instant Access to over 2,000 Medical Interpreters

Language Doctors designed Connected Care tool

A lot can happen in 20 seconds. With COVID-19 taking over the world in 2020, we have seen a tremendous surge in the number of people using telehealth visits to be seen by medical staff. However, there is a challenge for individuals with limited English proficiency, especially in the event of an emergency when every second counts. How can non-native speakers receive the right care when they struggle to bridge language barriers? How can medical staff promptly diagnose and provide appropriate care to patients whom they cannot understand? The Language Doctors is facing this challenge head-on, with the release of their new product Connected Care©

The Language Doctors designed this tool to overcome the biggest obstacle in healthcare for patients that do not speak English. Connected Care© interpreting platform offers 24-hour, 7-days-per-week access to both patients and healthcare providers to ensure that they can:

Receive or provide appropriate care during a medical emergency and get connected with an interpreter in between 7 to 10 seconds in many cases, any time during day or night through Connected Care© HIPAA-compliant telehealth.
Access an outstanding team comprised of over 2,000 highly skilled and specialized medical interpreters in over 198 languages, including ASL (American Sign Language) and an extensive list of rare languages and dialects.
Connect with interpreters either on-demand via phone or video, or schedule interpreters for on-site visits.

Connected Care© is accessible via desktop and mobile app (both Android and iOS). Connected Care© is also fully HIPAA-compliant and provides the highest level of privacy and security features that healthcare providers and medical interpreters need when it comes to sharing protected health information (PHI). Both healthcare providers and patients can feel safe and comfortable knowing that their privacy is protected during telehealth visits.

The Language Doctors offers free demos and product trials for Connected Care©. They also offer a full range of other translation services. To find out more details, they can be reached at

About The Language Doctors: The Language Doctors has been working with the U.S. Federal Government for over 25 years as a US Government preferred linguistic partner, holding a GSA Schedule. They have a strong, established footprint as a linguistic service provider. Their interpreting platform was born in response to the needs of their clients in the healthcare industry, who were shifting their operations from physical to telehealth solutions and were in dire need for translation services to match this “new normal.” Learn more about The Language Doctors at



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