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As soon as the summer season starts, leggings and sweats are back in the closet and a pair of comfy workout shorts for women become the go-to apparel for daily use. Women’s gym shorts are designed to be highly flexible and durable, whilst also drastically improving your mobility. Whether is cycling, running or even squats, a good pair of shorts will help you complete your exercise regimen with ease and sophistication. Aside from enhancing your workouts, they also come in aesthetic and stunning designs, making you look and feel your best, both in the gym and on the streets. A sturdy pair of workout shorts for women becomes staple loungewear, especially as the temperature rises, supporting you in all your day-to-day activities and meetups.

But much like buying any other set of apparel, finding the right pair of women’s workout shorts can be akin to searching for treasure in a minefield. Various styles, different lengths, and a wide range of sizes, coupled with the increase of brands in the fitness market have left gym-goers feeling exhausted just by going through the options in their heads. Facing this struggle first hand, we decided to help you all by doing all the process work and listing the best brands we could get our hands on, just to provide you with a catalog of this year’s top-quality gym shorts for women.


A brand that has revolutionized the fitness industry, one local trainer, at a time, SQUATWOLF has risen to fame by equipping coaches and athletes worldwide with high-quality and high-functionality gym wear. Their line of workout shorts for women will leave you excited and motivated to hit the gym, due to their chic looks and modern aesthetics. This coupled with high-performance fabric engineered to be moisture-wicking, lightweight, and highly breathable is guaranteed to help you persevere through even the most intense of workouts.

From their extensive variety of gym shorts for women, the “Do-Knot Shorts” are quite famous with many gym enthusiasts. Available in three colors, and five ranges of sizes, this pair of shorts is designed to give a minimal feel whilst boosting your performance and confidence throughout any sort of exercise session. With four-way stretchability and dry-fit technology, your movement will be unhindered and hassle-free. The side pockets and waist tie are a bonus adding to the looks and usability of the garment.


From off-duty fleece shorts for low-impact exercises to sculpting and scrunching shorts for high-impact training, Ryderwear has it all! Known for gym wear that will up-grade any workout session, whilst also making you feel confident in your physique through their aesthetic designs and sculpting technology, Ryderwear has become a fitness giant in the industry today. This brand makes available a diverse collection of workout shorts for women including yoga shorts, training shorts, cardio shorts, and even daily wear skorts. Their “Staples Scrunch Bum Tie Up Shorts” are an eye-catcher due to their versatility and flexibility, allowing you to adjust the length according to your liking, hence enabling you to utilize these shorts for a wide range of different exercises.


A brand that complements high-performance fabrics with amazing designs and styles, LULULEMON is a gym wear brand that has redefined our standard of activewear. Their range of gym shorts for women includes a diverse allotment of various types of shorts based on the type of exercise including running, yoga, training, loungewear, and much more. Their collection of ‘LULULEMON Align Shorts’ has become a must-have for every yoga enthusiast providing you with buttery-soft material equipped with high flexibility, durability, sweat-wicking tech, and optional side pockets.


Inspired fits and striking designs to keep you cool and dry, whilst never holding you back, is the type of gym wear Gymshark is known to provide. Their line of workout shorts for women enables unrestricted joint movement to help you lift, squat, and jump with ease, whilst also sprinting through intense running sessions without any hesitation. Their gym shorts for women are engineered to be highly comfortable, long-lasting, extremely breathable, and fashionable allowing you to not only enhance your training but also become a visionary with Gymshark’s innovative activewear.


Outdoor Voices brand that promotes the ideology that athletics is not only limited to the gym but also encompasses any form of physical outdoor activity such as hiking, running, swimming, etc. by selling high-quality activewear specially engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions and intense usage criteria. Women’s workout shorts of this brand are designed using top-notch and highly durable fabric that becomes your best partner when braving through any form of arduous physical activity. From shorts that are equipped with water and air-resistant qualities to aid you in hiking and trekking, to bottoms that are produced with stretchable and figure-hugging fabrics aimed at making your workouts restriction-free, Outdoor Voices is the go-to store for all types of recreational activity enthusiasts.


This marks the end of this year’s picks for the top gym wear brands producing the highest-quality workout shorts for women. SQUATWOLF tends to lead the pack (pun intended), because of its durability and versatility in terms of sizes, designs, aesthetics, and functionality, making it a pure all-rounder regarding women’s gym shorts.



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