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Young parents on how their lives changes with the newborn

Young parents on how their lives changes

Becoming a parent is quite the challenge. It changes a lot more than you think, and in many ways than you might suspect. It’s not just about taking on any new responsibilities, or having a new loved one in your life. It’s a lot more than that. Your daily schedule will change, as will your sleep patterns, diet, and even how you view yourself.

Being a young parent myself, I have certainly gone through the motions. However, I felt it would be a little refreshing to get the views of a new parent – a young one at that. So I spoke to some of my colleagues, asking them how their lives changed when they had their first newborn. The answers were not only interesting, but also surprising, even for a veteran such as myself. Read on to find out!

You take on a new routine

The birth of your child is a coming-of-age event. It forces you to rethink the whole system you use to organize your life. Your entire schedule will not revolve around your child, rather than you, including new routine waypoints, such as breastfeeding, naps, bedtime, and so on.

You will also have to make time in your day for going to the doctor, especially when the child starts going to daycare or school and picks up all sorts of germs and infections.

Cleaning up and doing normal chores might become a challenge, and you will have to plan your finances around your child’s welfare and future needs. So things that you might have previously done without a second thought, such as having a drink with friends, will now need proper planning.

You won’t have as much time for yourself

“Me-time” will be a luxury once the baby comes along. You can’t spend too long in the bathroom anymore, or binge on your favorite series. Your main focus will be the baby: feeding, changing, bathing, and dressing it. You will have to plan for someone to take over when you’re not around, such as your partner, or a nanny, and you will give up many outings and fun times with friends, just to make sure your baby is well taken care of.

You won’t sleep enough

For me, this was the most shocking change. I had to get up every night when the baby was crying to check on her. That includes weekends, by the way, because babies don’t take the weekend off. So, basically, you don’t even get some shuteye on Sundays like you were used to.

You will have to eat and live healthy

This one actually starts well before you have the baby. When you’re trying to be pregnant, you have to change your diet to increase the chances of it happening. There are also recommended foods if you want to increase the chances of your baby being a particular sex.

On top of that, you have to be very careful what you eat while you’re pregnant, and also when you’re breastfeeding for obvious reasons. Once all that is over, you still have to eat and live healthy. Part of the reason is that you want to be healthy so you can be strong enough to raise your child or children, as they will need you as they grow up, and will want you around long after they’re grown and are old enough to finally appreciate you.

The other part is that you should be setting a good example for your children. Eating healthy will encourage them to do the same, and set a good example for them to emulate when they’re all grown.

Your confidence will go up

Many young parents report feeling stronger and much more confident after the birth of their child. Having an all-encompassing responsibility they can dedicate themselves to gives them confidence. Mothers, in particular, see their bodies in a whole new light, accepting it far more than they did before the baby came along. The motherly instinct also has a way of making a woman a lot more mentally and emotionally strong.

Your relationship with your partner may significantly change

You won’t be able to go out for those romantic dates anymore, or have as much sex as you used to before, especially if one or both your libidos drop after childbirth. If you’re a single parent, dating will not only be difficult to find time for, but also won’t be a priority.

And yet, at the same time, your bond with your partner can strengthen in incredible ways. Seeing your child for the first time, with the father’s nose and the mother’s eyes, and watching them go through all their milestones, and struggling to raise it together, can create the most powerful bond you and your partner will ever have. You may fall deeper in love than you’ve ever been, thanks to that bundle of joy.


Having a child is an incredible miracle, and an adventure all on its own. While it certainly comes with its own challenges, it also makes us transcend ourselves and dedicate ourselves to something other than ourselves. Moreover, it can bring us the deepest love we will ever experience, both for our partners and the child.

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