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Homeopathy as an alternative for Fungal Nail Infection

Fungal Nail Infection Insights Care

During rainy season lot of people may suffer from fungal infection of fingernails or to the toenails. It is the sign of poor hygiene and poor health. Mostly the people, who have disabilities or who have diabetes will capture these kinds of infections quickly. The fungal infection infects toe finger. The fungus grows where they find enough moisture. Sometimes it is painful. Its severity depends on the growth of fungus. But one can cure this infection with proper care and hygiene.

‘Fungi’ – from where it comes?  

As the name suggests, its principal source is fungi. You are bound to use communal swimming pools, shower at your gym or in society daily; these are some of the common sources from where you may get infected. Another way is if you use to go saloon for various treatments, then poorly sanitized towels, nail clippers can also cause infections. Also, sometimes it comes from tight-fitting sweaty shoes.

Pointing out the infection

Yes, it is the major issue on how to find out the fungal infection. For proper treatment, identification is essential. The fungal contamination starts at the base of the nail, or it starts in between spaces of the fingers. Sometimes nail becomes brittle, and it can also cause splitting of nails at its end. Yellowish or whitish nails are due to onycholysis, it removes the nails from the nail base. Sometimes the infection causes crumbling of the nails, also thickens the nail. If the infection occurs on the toe fingers and in between space, then we call it as Athlete’s foot. It is commonly occurring in old age and least in children.

Ways to get rid of the fungus

It is necessary to treat this infection before it spreads to other fingers or nails. One can manage this by using allopathic or homeopathic medicines. Allopathy is time consuming method as compared to that of homeopathic treatment. In allopathic treatment, doctors give some medications to apply over the infected area. Hence it is better to use antifungal medicines for fast recovery. The combined application of both treatments gives useful results. If the disease is severe, then doctor recommends nail removal. Use of laser and light treatment to cure nail infection is under the studies. Scientists are not sure about its effectiveness against the fungal contamination.

Homeopathic medicines are the best treatment to get rid of the infection. The therapy makes use of natural medicines, and they do not have any side effects. Its long-term applications also are safe. Natural oils obtained from plants such as tea tree, oil of oregano also act as anti-fungal solutions. They are effective in removing fungus and promotes the growth of the nail. The combined action of natural oils and minerals also work better in destroying the fungal infection. Nail-RX is another homeopathic treatment uses the combined action of tea tree plant oil, lemon grass and lavender act as best antifungal agent killing the organism responsible for the infection. This treatment gives pleasant results in 2 to 3 weeks. Use of vinegar changes the body pH and helps to remove fungus from the nails. Listerine is also useful in nail infection.

Prevention is always better than cure

One of the primary preventive measures is to wash hands and foot regularly with clean water and soap. Dry it properly to avoid the moisture accumulation in between spaces of toe finger and nails. Always try to keep the length of nails short. If your feet are sweaty, then use sweat absorbing socks and change them often. Pay extra attention towards shoes. Use comfortable shoes which expose toe. If you are wearing closed shoes, then sprinkle the antifungal powder on the feet. Try to avoid the use of old shoes and leather shoes which attract the fungus more quickly. If you meet water more often, then use rubber gloves.

Apart from all the treatments, you should take care of your everyday diet. Healthy eating not only helps fight against infection and for healing. So, we must try to acquire some good habits to prevent such infections and save you from harm.



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