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An Insight to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome | Insights Care

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

In the modern world, everything is changing substantially. Significant changes are observed in all aspects of life style, eating habits, Medicine and Technology, Health and diseases. Nobody has time to look around for fitness and even don’t have a fair chance to take care of ourselves. This constant negligence can put us in danger. When we face any troubles then only we realize the side effects of modern life style. The question will arise in your mind that, why I am talking about all this? And what is the connection of lifestyle and PCOS?

Lifestyle and eating diet are responsible for most of the diseases. If we see the title, which is entirely related to PCOS in women. Nearly millions of women are suffering from the illness known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). It is common ovarian disease condition where the female body develops multiple small cysts in her ovary. The ladies belonging from the age group of 20 to 30 years shows the signs of this disorder. Nowadays girls in menarche phase also observe some symptoms of PCOS.

Few Signs that Indicates PCOS in women

It is very common and natural to have hair on the body, but its volume may differ with gender. Having extra hair on the body is common for boys, but if the same will happen with girls, then it is the sign of PCOS. Similarly, irregular monthly period is one of the symptom for PCOS. The ladies who are suffering from PCOS produce multiple small cysts in their ovaries and fail to produce the fully fertile egg. It increases the size of ovaries which causes the difficulties in the process of pregnancy.

Specifically, the female with PCOS starts production of Androgen (testosterone) the male sex hormone which creates the hormonal imbalance in the body. It causes the problem of irregular periods along with impaired fertility, and acne. PCOS might also change the physical appearance of the female. The females with PCOS may suffer from the liver problems which alter the normal metabolic processes of liver, also changes the mood. The PCOS causes the fat accumulation around the visceral organs and leads to extreme weight gain in females.

Major Reasons for PCOS

To know the exact cause of the PCOS, many scientists have performed different studies, and then expert reach out to the conclusion that modern life style, genes, and hormones are responsible for PCOS. Previously, a lot of consequences was there about the PCOS. But recently, scientist have proved that the “11 oxygenated C19 steroids” class of androgen is mainly responsible for PCOS in females.

The abdominal fat tissue is the primary source of increasing levels of the hormone in the female body. Specifically, that female body develops the insulin resistant and increases the chances of getting diabetes and heart attacks. If the mother or sister has PCOS, then there are 50% chances of getting the same in their daughters too. 

Identification of PCOS

Some initial tests help to determine the PCOS such as the presence of excessive hair on the body. Another test like Blood Pressure, Body Mass Index, Thyroid test, etc. indicates the perfect idea of the health condition of the female. Pelvic Ultrasound is the mandatory technique followed by the physician to check the presence of cysts on the ovaries.

Interesting Tricks to Tackle PCOS

Right now, no specific treatment is available for the PCOS. But the early diagnosis and proper treatment help in a better way to reduce the symptoms and long-term complexities. The health experts suggest some important tips to tackle the PCOS.

Regular exercise reduces the problem to some extent. Walking is the simple workout performs the routine efficiently by any person. Healthy and proper food such as vegetables, nuts, fruits and whole grain diet also reduces the complexities of PCOS. Weight loss is the best alternative to overcome the PCOS, as it reduces the body fat and regulates ultimate hormonal balance.

In some cases, Doctors prescribe some medications like birth control pills to reduce the symptoms and regulate the menstrual cycle also increases the chances of pregnancy. Though these treatments are time consuming, but it is necessary to get proper treatment.





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