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NextGen Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.: A One-stop Destination for Life Science Essentials and Research Resources

Dr. Nagma Abbasi | Founder & CEO | NextGen Life Sciences | Insights Care

An eminent organization committed to being the premier and a research-intensive life science company, NextGen Life Sciences is devotedly providing leading innovations and solutions for the present and future of the biotech world. The company offers thorough solutions in Instrumentation, Reagents, Bioinformatics and Consumables that are used by researchers in scientific diagnosis and investigation. NextGen Life Sciences is keen on transforming the modus operandi of research and future need for scientific discoveries and innovations.

NextGen Life Sciences has been featured among “Top 20 Best Life Science Start-Ups” by Silicon India Magazine and as a Startup of the Year 2018 by The CEO Magazine.

About the Ardent Leader

The dynamic Founder and CEO of NextGen Life Sciences, Dr. Nagma Abbasi, is leading the development and execution of long-term strategies with the vivid vision of expanding the organizations’ footprints across the global market. Dr. Nagma is responsible for communicating with shareholders, government entities, and the public on behalf of the company. Additionally, she develops strategic goals and assures that the goals are measurable and describable. Also, she emphasizes on creating and implementing the organization’s vision and mission, assessing risks to the company while ensuring they are monitored and minimized. She firmly believes, “In business, what’s dangerous is not to evolve”.

On asking her about the team and the teamwork, Dr. Nagma says, “ We commit ourselves to scientific rigor, unassailable ethics, and access to medical innovations for all. We are proud of who we are, what we do, and how we do it. We are many, working as one, across functions, across companies, and across the world.

Unique Products and Solutions

With its augmenting spectrum of products and solutions, NextGen Life sciences empowers the mounting realm of research to solve complex analytical challenges in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic, government, environmental and industrial research, and the clinical laboratory. The company’s products address a wide range of requirements right from the sample, material characterization and chemical analysis to clinical diagnoses and biological-based therapeutics handling. The company offers products for Cell Analysis, Cell Culture & Transfection, Cloning, DNA & RNA Purification, Gene Expression Analysis & Genotyping, PCR, Protein Expression & Analysis, Real-Time PCR, Sequencing, Synthetic Biology, Cancer Research, Stem cell research, Drug Discovery and development, Plant Sciences, Epigenetics and Services for Sequencing, Next Generation Sequencing and Bioinformatics.

NextGen’s products support scientists and researchers across different geographies to meet the challenges they encounter to decipher and discover the space of life science. From routine investigation to ground-breaking discoveries, the company experts assist scientists to unravel complex analytical challenges. It also empowers them to conduct their workflow in the desired way.

Golden Rules of NextGen to Motivate the Team Members

Fuel employees with opportunities and provide a pleasant workplace:

The company says that a clean and stimulating office environment makes employees feel good and rejuvenated. Also, it doesn’t take a lot of investment to make the environment pleasant.

It also believes that organizations should provide the team with apt training. This would help them make advancement in their careers and employees would become aware of the latest technologies and industry news, generating more opportunities for them. The company believes that encouraging the team members to participate by inviting their input and suggestions on how to do things better fosters collaboration within the team.

Don’t Punish Failure and Encourage Happiness:

NextGen says the key is to learn valuable lessons from the mistakes. It suggests, “When any members of your team make honest mistakes, don’t punish them–instead, encourage them to try again.” The company also advises organizations to keep an eye on whether employees are happy with their work, and their employer. If they’re not, the company can count on this unhappiness to spread.

Astounding Client Experiences

NextGen Life Sciences shares one of the gratified client experiences of National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi. This client of NextGen was facing a lot of product supply issues that were affecting their project time lines. The company assisted it to minimize their Turn Around Time (TAT) and performed rigorous inventory management by working very closely with scientists. The team members at NextGen did a deep analysis of the clients’ pain points, their projects, applications, their needs and accordingly step by step addressed those points in the best possible way. Today, the institute is getting customized solutions from the company in their assigned budgets.

Strand Life Sciences, Gurgaon (Quest Diagnostic) is NextGen’s prime clinical diagnostic client who does testing for H1N1 Human Influenza virus (Swine Flu). Its timelines are very crucial for the products used in these tests to provide clinical reports during epidemic and pandemic. NextGen works closely with Strand to provide customized solutions, maintain our inventory to ensure in time deliveries of products and services on highly competitive pricing.

Future Plans

NextGen is enthusiastic about new innovations in Biotechnology like Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in clinical laboratories, NGS Data analysis, and interpretation of unknown genetic variants. The company has its major presence in North India and is planning to expand its business plans in West and South India. The company would be emphasizing on retaining employees with a great level of satisfaction and skill development with innovative in-house programs as well as training.

On asking about the upcoming tasks NextGen Life Sciences would be focusing on, Dr. Nagma asserted, “We would be primarily focusing on developing innovative, relationship driven partnerships, and creating real value for clients. Besides, we would also focus on collaboration with hospitals to contribute in the improvement of human health. We are planning to launch our products in International standards.  Our eminent activities in the coming time include Freezer programs at prime client sites and creating a buzz on recent innovations in Universities, Schools, and colleges. This would generate interest in youngsters and train them towards human health and environmental enhancement.”



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